Upward Bound TRIO Program

Upward Bound is “College Prep Central”

On Saturdays during the academic year and for six weeks in the summer we offer instruction in the basics, reading, writing, and math, plus tutoring in other subjects necessary for success beyond high school.

Upward Bound is someone to talk to.

Adolescence is a tough time. Counselors, mentors, and friends here help students to work through academic and personal issues.

Like their students, many Upward Bound professionals had to overcome class, social, academic and cultural barriers to succeed in higher education. As a result, Upward Bound Staff members can effectively relate to their students and know how to motivate young people and adults in spite of the obstacles that often serve to discourage.

Upward Bound is instant access to college life.

Upward Bound staff take students on college tours throughout the state and across the nation. They work with the student and their parents as a family to get them to the school of their choice.

Upward Bound is preparing students for the real world.

With life skills courses, office work-study jobs, cooperate and government field trips and trips to cultural events at local theatres, museums, and fairs, students learn how important a college education is to their quality of life.

Is Upward Bound for you or someone you know? To find out, interested students, parents, guardians or guidance counselors can call us at (501)420-1276 for more information and an Upward Bound application.

Director of Upward Bound
Reverend Michael Isaac