Social and Behavioral Sciences

Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Criminal Justice & Human Services

A Word from the Department Chair


My name is Cheryl D. Jackson-Golden and I am the chairperson for the department of social and behavioral sciences. Our mission in the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences at the Arkansas Baptist College is to assist students in the development of life-long competencies in critical thinking, oral and written communication, quantitative reasoning, and problem solving that prepare them to enter the work force or to further their education through graduate or professional studies.

In addition to the competencies listed, we expend great effort in training students at the undergraduate level so that they will be well equipped with the knowledge and methods that will place them at the forefront of progress across a broad range of the criminal justice and human services professions.

With this as a background and an introduction, I invite you to further explore the website, listed as resources, click around and maybe even talk with us via email or call me at 501-420-1334, come meet our faculty and student worker. We’ll be glad to welcome you to the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences here at the Arkansas Baptist College!

With best wishes,
Cheryl D. Jackson-Golden, Ph.D.

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