Mission Statement

The Office of the Registrar is the College’s data center whose primary responsibility entails collecting, storing, and maintaining academic records for the current and historical student body. The Office of the Registrar collaborates with internal and external constituents to enhance the total collegiate experience of student matriculation at Arkansas Baptist College.

Obtaining Transcripts of Record

A transcript of record must bear the corporate seal of Arkansas Baptist College, the date of issue, and the signature or the registrar in order to be official. Some institutions use electronic signatures and seals affixed to special safety papers, which make duplication virtually impossible. Transcripts that apply this technology are acceptable.

To obtain a Transcript of Record or to have Arkansas Baptist College send a transcript of record to a third party, the student must be prepared to provide the following information:

a. The student’s signature supported by a social security number or the unique student number issued by the academic computer. (We do not recommend that students include their social security number in e-mail postings,) The unique Arkansas Baptist College ID number appears on the student ID card, transcript of record, individual financial account with the College, and adjacent to the name on all class rosters and grade reports. Note that we cannot accept a “typed” or printed signature unless either or both are accompanied by the student’s cursive signature.

b. An individual address or “fax” (facsimile) number to which the transcript is to be sent which can be entered into our computer system as a means of tracking the transcript and verifying the address or number to which it was sent.

c. The name of the individual, company, educational agency, or institution to which the transcript of record is being released.

d. Evidence that the student account is in good standing.

Students may obtain a copy of our Request for Official Transcript of Record (Please see forms listed below). Simply print the form, fill it out completely  and mail it or email it to to the Business Office. The mailing address is listed on the form. 


Official Transcript Fees

An “official” transcript is a statement of the student academic standing, bears the signature of the “Registrar” or other authorized official, and the legal seal of Arkansas Baptist College. An official transcript is mailed directly from the Office of the Registrar to another institution or agency upon receipt of a written request signed by the student.

A $5.00 fee is charged.

Due to the social distancing policies, official transcripts are processed through the National Student Clearinghouse.


Select:  Order a Transcript

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Note: The National Student Clearinghouse does charge a fee.

All Forms

Transcript Request Form

Change of Address Request Form

Change of Name Form

Change of Major Request Form

Enrollment Verification

Hold Directory Information Form

Student Request for Withdrawal

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is the federal law that protects the privacy of personally identifiable information (PII) in students’ education records.

Registrar Office

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