Title III and SAFRA Grants

U.S. Department of Education Title III Program Administration


Title III-B authorizes the Strengthening Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) program award grants to eligible institutions to assist them in strengthening their academic, administrative, and fiscal capabilities.  These programs are typically funded through annual discretionary appropriations; and with additional annual mandatory appropriations provided through the FUTURE Act, which extended mandatory funding beyond fiscal year 2019.

Activities are In accordance to section 1068h(a)(2) of this title may include; Institution services; educational equipment, acquisition of real property in connection with the construction, renovation, or additional improvement of campus facilities; to improve the financial and economic literacy designed for students; financial management information; faculty and staff development; and the implementation of other project activities described under the Legislative Allowable Activities (LAA) outlined in the program statute.  Endowment development is also an activity with exception that no more than twenty percent of the grant funds may be used for this purpose.