Transfer Credit Policy

Transfer Credit Policy

About the Arkansas Course Transfer System

The Arkansas Course Transfer System (ACTS) contains information about the transferability of courses within Arkansas public colleges and universities. Students are guaranteed the transfer of applicable credits and equitable treatment in the application of credits for admissions and degree requirements. Students may complete specified General Education courses anywhere in the public system as well as many courses in the degree/major that have been pre-identified for transfer. We hope this site is helpful for students, parents and campus personnel. This system is designed to assist in planning from the high school level through the adult workforce.

To learn more about ACTS, take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions. You may also want to review the state’s Transfer Policies.

Information for Students

Using ACTS, students can review transferable courses by selecting the institution that you are transferring from and the institution that you are transferring to.

  • If the report lists a course, the course is guaranteed to transfer if the receiving institution has a comparable course.
  • If the report states “No Comparable Course,” the course is not guaranteed to transfer. Contact the transfer officer at the receiving institution for further information as it is possible that the course will transfer.
  • Transferability of courses taken prior to January 1, 2007, is at the discretion of the receiving institution.
  • Courses with a grade of “D” are not guaranteed to transfer.  Institutional policies regarding the transfer of courses with a grade of “D” may vary.