About the Initiative

HBCU C2 is a national teaching and learning initiative that empowers any HBCU to bring coding and creativity experiences and program opportunities to their home campus and community. HBCU C2 promotes innovation, educational equity, and aims to address community challenges using app design and Apple’s Swift programming language.

HBCU C2 = {Coding & Creativity}

Arkansas Baptist College is a hub for Coding and Creativity as part of Apple’s Community Education Initiative and Tennessee State University’s HBCU C2 initiative designed to bring coding and creativity experiences to HBCUs and their communities.

As part of its Community Education Initiative, Apple is supporting the College with equipment and professional development.

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Contact Us

Dr. Jaqueline McGehee, Faculty Lead
Email: jacqueline.mcgehee@arkansasbaptist.edu
Phone: 501-420-1252

Dr. Nita Bohannon, Program Manager
Email: nita.bohannon@arkansasbaptist.edu 
Phone: 501-420-1221

Dr. Tracey Moore, Executive Sponsor