Computer Use Policy

Computer Use Policy

The Office of Information Technology (IT) has the ability to distribute and examine a vast array of material with unprecedented speed. One requirement however, remains constant: all IT use must fully respect the rights of the College and IT community members. This Appropriate/Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is designed to guide faculty, staff, and students in the acceptable use of network and information systems provided by Arkansas Baptist College. More importantly, it is meant as an application of principles of respect using Arkansas Baptist College computer resources, other computer users, and for the medium itself. The Arkansas Baptist College community is encouraged to make innovative and creative use of IT in support of education and research. Consistent with other College policies, this AUP is intended to respect the rights and obligations of academic freedom as well as to protect the resources of the College. The College campus network is an open network and, therefore, cannot protect individuals against the existence or receipt of material that may be offensive to them. Those who make use of electronic communications are warned that they may come across or be recipients of material they find offensive. Those who use e-mail and/or make information about themselves available on the Internet should be forewarned that the College cannot protect them from invasion of privacy and other possible dangers that could result from the distribution of personal information. IT and network facilities of the College are finite and limited. These facilities should be used wisely and carefully with consideration for the needs of others. When used inappropriately or unlawfully, these tools can infringe on the rights of others.

The purpose of IT is to further the research, educational, and administrative functions of Arkansas Baptist College. To achieve this purpose, this Policy intends:

1. To ensure the integrity, reliability, and performance of IT Systems and Network.
2. To ensure that the community of IT Users utilize the IT facilities in a fair and equable manner with respect for the rights of the community at large.
3. To ensure that IT Systems and network are used for their intended purposes.
4. To establish sanctions and processes for addressing violations.

Use of IT Systems is restricted to authorized faculty, staff, alumni, and students. The administrator of a campus system, server, and/or campus network component is the responsible authority that grants authorization for system use and access.

The use of the College’s computer resources is only for college-related purposes for which they were authorized. As with all college equipment, use of the computer resources, including the College network, for private or commercial purposes is prohibited, except as expressly authorized. Reasonable minimal personal use is permissible within the guidelines of this policy when it does not consume a significant amount of those resources, does not interfere with the performance of the user’s job or other college responsibilities, and is otherwise in compliance with college policy. Further limits may be imposed on personal use by units or

IT Systems and network may be used only for the intended authorized purposes. For example, privately owned computers may not host sites or non- Arkansas Baptist College organizations across the IT managed network without specific authorization.

IT users can expect reasonable confidentiality for particular data. System administrators will
identify categories of data which will be managed as confidential on a particular IT System and
will make all reasonable efforts to maintain the confidentiality of that data. However, limited
risks do apply to confidentiality, for example to technical limitations, software bugs, and system
failures. System administrators will take reasonable steps to inform IT users of the limit to
confidentiality for respective IT Systems. IT users are expected to become familiar with those
limits and risks of confidentiality and to manage the confidential data accordingly.
Confidentiality of data must comply with the State of Arkansas Freedom of Information Act

Arkansas Baptist College’s electronic mail facilities should not be used to:
1. Send unauthorized mass mailings of any type.
2. Send rude, obscene, harassing, or illegal material or material that in any way conflicts with
the regulations of the College.
3. Send any material that in any way conflicts with state or federal law.
4. Perform an operation or activity that degrades the performance of Arkansas Baptist College’s
IT Systems and/or network.

Users may not use IT Systems to threaten or harass any person. A user must cease sending messages or interfering in any way with another user’s use of IT Systems if the aggrieved user makes a reasonable request for such cessation.

Without specific authorization by the system administrator, users must not remove any College owned or administered equipment or documents from an IT System.

Without specific authorization by the system administrator, users must not physically or electrically attach any foreign device, e.g., external disk, printer, networks, sniffer software, network monitoring software, modem, or video system, to an IT System.

As a condition of the use of the institution’s automated facilities and in line with the religious practice of the College, computer and Internet service will not be used by students in a manner that could cause damage, disable, overburden or impair any of the computerization privileges allowed. Pornographic or inappropriate viewings of websites on the school’s computer system will not be tolerated. It is the responsibility of the student to keep log- in and password information confidential. Arkansas Baptist College reserves the right to change the terms, conditions and notice of Internet service. Student, faculty, staff, and participating members of the community are responsible for regularly reviewing these terms and conditions.