What is the Story Behind Arkansas Baptist College?

For potential college students, their decisions on future alma maters are typically characterized by more than just the condition of the quad, the programs at the school, and the extracurriculars that are available.

While all of these things are certainly taken into account by prospective students, there is something that they seem to care about more than anything—the mission of the college. For many students, it matters where the college came from, what motivated its establishment, and how its motivations align with their future. All of these factors are based on the foundation of a college’s history. That is why we at Arkansas Baptist College have written this article. We want you to know our past, so that you can decide if we are right for your future.

At Arkansas Baptist College, we are proud of our history, our mission, and our students, all of whom place an enormous amount of importance on these values, as well.

Our founding, our history, and our mission all play a giant role in our college. Without our transformative history and our consistent reverence toward it, we would not have grown into the establishment we are today.

Where We Came From

Arkansas Baptist College’s humble origins can be traced back to the early 1880s —1884, to be exact. Known then as the Minister’s Institute, ABC was established by the Colored Baptists of Arkansas during an annual convention at the Mount Zion Baptist Church in Little Rock, Arkansas.

This college was designed with two goals in mind: to further the education of young, black adults in the ministry, and to make education more available to young black men and women. In the early days of the college, young graduates were typically trained in the ministry. Even now, religious studies are major areas of matriculation.

The current mission for Arkansas Baptist College centers on preparing students for a life of service in academic scholarship, liberal arts tradition, social responsibility, and Christian development.

The Arkansas Baptist College was founded on conviction, faith, and the desire to make a difference. Our contemporary values, at their core,  are no different than those of our founders. Our historically black college still strives to create a nurturing, and eye-opening environment for young adults seeking to find their way, grow in their faith, and further their college education.

What Sets Us Apart

Our establishment is not the only thing that sets us apart. Our mission, our drive, our goal to provide our students the resources they need to achieve their dreams distinguishes from other colleges, too.

Nurturing Environment

At Arkansas Baptist College, you will never feel alone in your experience. We continuously strive to provide a welcoming environment to our incoming (and established) students . We aim to make you feel at home by offering easy, healthy ways to make friends while focusing on your collegiate growth.

Educational Support

We know that college is a new adventure, and while adventures can be exciting and fun, at times they can seem  intimidating or overwhelming. However, we offer students all the educational support they could possibly need. At Arkansas Baptist College, we believe that students should not feel like a number in the system. You are a valued member of our community, and we will do everything we can to take care of you. From offering open door policies, to advice on financial aid eligibility, we are here to help you with whatever you need.

Student Activities

College is about more than just getting your degree, it is about making connections that last a lifetime. That is why ABC  provides a wide array of student activities, making it easy for you to take part in new experiences. From academic groups, to athletics, arts and culture, to Greek life, we have something for everyone.


College has a wide-reaching reputation for being overly-expensive, but with our financial aid programs and consistent efforts to offer low-cost tuition, we can provide the financial support you need.

What You Can Expect

Choosing a college is more than just about athletic reputation, academic pedigree, or how illustrious the campus is. Choosing your college experience is meant to be personal; it should be meaningful to you. A college needs to offer its students more than just a top-shelf education, it needs to offer them a place to call home. At Arkansas Baptist College, we do that in more ways than one.


We pride ourselves on the community provided by and for our students. We strive to create an atmosphere of unity and fellowship, so that students can feel at home, and able to grow into who they are destined to be. We offer a vibrant array of student activities, organizations, clubs, and committees. We try to create something for everyone, to allow each individual to grow in their faith, identity, and education.


First and foremost, Arkansas Baptist College prioritizes faith and biblical growth. We  not only pray for opportunities for our students to become ministry leaders, we create those opportunities. We have weekly chapel services, known as Empowerment Hour broad degree programs that include faith-driven paths; and several spiritual groups and councils to help the men and women in our college grow in their faith.


More than anything, we offer hope. We offer the promise of a brighter, happier, faith-driven future. Through our affordable tuition, our small class sizes, and our supportive guidance, we provide each student with the hope they need to grow, thrive, and become who they are destined to be.

Want to Know More About What ABC Can Offer You?

At Arkansas Baptist College, what matters to you matters to us. We want to do everything in our power to offer our prospective students and graduates a comforting, eye-opening, and safe college experience. Want to learn about more ways we strive to provide a hope-filled, positive community for our students? Give us a call at (877)-643-5390 or explore our intuitive online resources !

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