How to Make the Most of Your Summer Break in College

You have worked hard, and now the semester is over! There is still one major decision to make: What will you do during the summer break? You have many options, so consider these four before deciding what to do!

1. Take a summer course

Whether you have fallen behind on classes or need to retake one, summer is a great time to take a course or two, and here are a few reasons to do it.

Smaller class sizes

Summer courses tend to have better student-to-faculty ratios. Getting more one-on-one time with faculty can help you better comprehend information. Take the opportunity to form a stronger relationship with a professor. This can help you define a career path and potentially secure a recommendation.

Summer courses cost less

Because summer courses tend to be shorter, they are often less expensive.

Get your degree quicker

Not only can you use the summer to catch up on courses, but you can take the time to accelerate the degree acquisition process. The sooner you get your degree, the less money you will spend on tuition and the per-semester student fees.

2. Find a summer internship

Spend your summer working in your desired future profession, learning real-life skills, and making connections. Getting an internship is a must for at least one of your college summers. Finding the right internship and landing it can be tricky. Here are some tips.

Define your career goals, and find a company that matches them

Finding an internship for some majors will be easier than others. For example, if you are studying journalism, then the obvious choice is to find an internship with a magazine or newspaper.

However, if you are studying business, then it might not be as simple. Use your existing connections (friends, family, and professors) to learn about businesses in your field that exist in your community, state, or the country. If you want to travel and build your resume, then consider an internship abroad.

Work on your resume and cover letter

Oftentimes, a prospective employer is going to read about you before they meet you, so these documents are extremely important. If you have questions about them, then visit the Arkansas Baptist College Academic Success and Career Center to get some assistance with resume writing.

Start looking early

Competitive internships will have an early application deadline, sometimes several months before the start of the internship. Start your search early, and get in contact to make sure you meet all the applications requirements and have enough time to prepare.

3. Get a summer job

For many full-time students, summer is the time to work. There are a few different methods to securing a summer job. Here are some things to consider while you hunt.

Work and live somewhere new

Summer can be an opportunity to live somewhere new. Look for a job in a place that has a big summer tourist season. Hotels, amusement parks, and restaurants all hire seasonal workers to help out in this busy time of year, and some places even provide free housing.

Gain valuable work experience and save for the upcoming semester

Just because you do not yet have a degree does not mean you can start working in your field. Look for entry-level positions or paid internships in companies related to your field of study. This will help you gain experience, make connections, and earn some cash.

4. Travel

Summer is the ideal travel time. If you have not yet explored Arkansas, then you need to see its beauty . Plus, you can do this even if you are enrolled in summer classes! The highlights include Bathhouse Row, the Ozarks, and Pinnacle Mountain State Park.

Going back to school tips

After you have enjoyed your summer, it is time to return to school. Here are three tips to make sure you bring your best into the classroom.

Enroll in classes early

Make sure you enroll in classes as soon as you can, because classes fill up quickly, and you do not want to lose a spot in a class you need.

Create a comfortable, quiet study space

As much as you would like the library and your favorite coffee shop to be open at all hours, this is too often not the reality. Create a comfortable and quiet study space in your home or dorm room. Good lightning, good snacks , and noise-canceling headphones can help you focus.

Sync your social and school calendars

This tip will prevent you from double booking or planning a night out before a big test. Use that smartphone to keep on top of your schedule, and keep those good grades coming!

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There are many ways to make the most of your summer break. For more information about your options, contact Arkansas Baptist College at (501) 420-1200.

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