5 Resources at Arkansas Baptist College You Didn’t Know About

College is a time of discovery. You grow into yourself, connect with like-minded people, create lifelong friendships, and make lasting memories. This time is both formative and irreplaceable, and Arkansas Baptist College is a the perfect place to experience this part of your life.

Arkansas Baptist College offers many incredible resources, but students do not use them as often as they should. These resources exist for your benefit, so take advantage of them while you can, because they will make your life easier. As you use this time to discover more about yourself and what you love, you should also use it to discover more about ABC. Here are five resources you did not know about!

1. Financial aid

The information and paperwork required for scholarships and other aid can feel overwhelming. Do not think, however, that you have to experience it alone.

ABC provides financial services that make the process easier. If you call or visit in person, then a financial aid officer will clarify any financial questions you have about the process, helping you better understand your options and what is expected of you. Moreover, if you need help identifying a document or understanding why a document is necessary, then financial aid counselor is what you need, and ABC can provide it.

2. Chapel services

From fostering spiritual growth to providing a sense of empowerment, chapel services constitute one of the most underappreciated resources at Arkansas Baptist College. Although ABC requires students to attend the regularly scheduled meetings, this still qualifies as a resource you may not know about.

Why? Because many see it as a requirement and not an opportunity. From the guest speakers to the comradery you can experience among your peers, chapel services provide a prime opportunity to expose yourself to new ideas, expand your understanding of beliefs you already hold, and refresh your spirit and mind during the semester.

3. Development office

This particular resource is for both the generous of heart and those in need. Essentially, the Development Office attempts to network with those related to the college, those in the community, and students to provide the best possible opportunity for students who otherwise may not have access to higher learning.

Whether you are looking to donate toward someone’s future or you are searching for a way to make your dream of a college degree come to fruition, the Development Office can help. This resource truly embodies what Christian college education is all about. As such, it is not only one of the resources you did not know about, but it is also one of the most important resources ABC has to offer.

4. Career services

It is easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of college, the social events, and the demands of your class schedule. It is also easy to feel overwhelmed by the real world that is waiting for you after graduation. Have no fear! ABC offers incredible guidance that can help you get from wide-eyed freshman to career-ready graduate.

The Career Services Center is ready to talk to you about what career paths you might want to explore, help you prepare for interviews, and even inform you of jobs to which you may wish to apply. From the friendly faces that can help calm any post-graduation anxiety, you may be experiencing to the plethora of knowledge they are ready to share with you, a visit to the Career Services Center is a great place to start preparing yourself for what comes next!

5. Student-based resources

This last category encompasses many sub-categories that share a common trait: They are led primarily by students! One of the main advantages of your college experience at a historically black college and university (HBCU) is the unparalleled community of which you become a part. Student-based resources are one of the best ways to form and strengthen these connections.

From study groups to intramural sports, there are incredible opportunities to bond with your peers while at ABC. Not only will these help you meet new people — potentially some of your best friends—it will also add exponentially to your college experience!

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These resources can enrich your experience regardless of your interests or goals while at Arkansas Baptist College. For more information about these resources, contact us at (501)-1200-1200.

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