Submit A Ticket

IT Ticket Process

Please remember to use the myABC Support Portal, located at from any web browser, to report any IT-related issue or problem at Arkansas Baptist College.  


A short list of what the myABC Support Portal can be used to accomplish is listed below.  These items include, but are not limited to:

1.)  Reset your  password to your myABC account. The myABC Password Portal will allow students, faculty and staff to reset the password to their myABC account immediately.
2.) Request permission to move a College-owned PC
3.) Request IT assistance with any supported application, program or system
4.) Request access to College-owned data or services
5.) Access myABC Resources such as your myABC Email, Microsoft One Drive, the myABC Portal (JICS), and more!!!



Simply visit on any connected device’s web browser to visit the myABC Support Portal.  Here’s a screenshot of the myABC Support Portal’s main page.
As you can see, all you need to use the myABC Support Portal is a VALID email address.  We’ll use the valid email address that you provide to communicate with you, and to respond to your issue.  
Once you’ve entered your valid email address, you’ll be asked to provide some basic identity information on your first visit to the myABC Support Portal.  After this data has been entered, you’ll be signed into the myABC Support Portal, and will be directed back to the main page of the Support Portal.  If you have signed into the myABC Support Portal using your email address, it will be displayed at the top right section of the Support Portal.  The image below will demonstrate what the myABC Support Portal webpage will look like once you have signed in using your email address:

From here, click on “Request IT Assistance” to submit a request for assistance via the myABC Support Portal The image below illustrates the link to request IT assistance on the myABC Support Portals main page:

Once you click “Request IT Assistance“, you will be taken to a form.  The form is displayed in the image below:

As demonstrated in the above image, there are three (3) questions asked via this form.  These questions will provide us with the minimum amount of information needed to validate your enrollment/employment, and will allow you to describe the nature of the issue you’re requesting assistance with.  Here’s an explanation of the questions listed on the form:
1.  As specified on the form and in the above image, please select the best category that fits the nature of your request.  For instance, if you need the password to your myABC account reset, please select “Password” from the list of categories.  

2.  Enter your myABC account name or student ID number in the area of the form where it is requested.  If your student ID number WAS A1234567, simply enter the number WITHOUT ANY LETTERS.  If you are an employee, simply enter your myABC account name (Firstname.Lastname) in this field. 

3.  Provide a DETAILED description of your issue.  This is your opportunity to describe (hopefully, in complete detail) the issue you’re experiencing, and what you need our assistance with.  Please feel free to use this area to provide us with as much detail as possible concerning your issue.  Feel free to leave contact information (phone number, alternative email address, etc.) in this area of the support request.  
ADDED BONUS:  If you need to, you can upload a file (image, document, etc) to your support request.  While this step isn’t a requirement, any images or additional information that would assist us in resolving your support request would be greatly appreciated, and can possibly speed up the resolution of your issue!

Once you have completely filled out the form to your liking, click the ‘Submit’ button to send this information to the myABC Support Team.  Once you click ‘Submit’, your issue will be assigned a ticket number as you create your support request.  This ticket number will be emailed to you using the email address you provided at the beginning of the process.  Here’s an image of what the Support Portal looks like once you’ve submitted your request.