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Arkansas Baptist College has a large African American student population consisting of over 94%. The Race Summary Report highlights the diversity of enrollment composition.

Welcome to Arkansas Baptist College’s (ABC) Division of Student Affairs. This area of the college web site is designed to provide you with information about our range of programs and services that will hopefully, enrich your Arkansas Baptist College experience. ABC is devoted to creating a campus environment that supports your intellectual, personal, spiritual, and professional development. Whether you reside on campus or commute to campus, your engagement in the life of the Arkansas Baptist College community will determine your success and the quality of your college experience.

The Division of Student Affairs is deeply committed to Arkansas Baptist College’s educational mission. ABC provides programs and services that are designed to enrich your college experience. Arkansas Baptist College is a student-first oriented college that focuses on developing and building academic achievements. In return, students are provided with personal and professional growth.

Arkansas Baptist College is committed to accommodating a holistic learning environment in meeting life-long learning. The Division of Student Affairs and our staff are here to support you in reaching your highest potential. Please feel free to contact us regarding your academic, professional and personal goals.

The purpose of the Division of Student Affairs at Arkansas Baptist College is to create a campus culture that reflects and advances the tradition of moral and Christian education. We seek to create, for and with our students, an intentional family base community that will set the highest standards of academic, social, moral, and spiritual excellence through the fundamental ideas of a Baptist education.

The Division of Student Affairs at Arkansas Baptist College will accomplish our mission by adhering to a service-centered set of CORE VALUES which include the following principles:

  • Providing a welcoming and inclusive collegial atmosphere.
  • Connecting students to college resources and faculty/staff and student body.
  • Acquainting students with institutional expectations and values.
  • Promoting learning and discovery both inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Fostering pride in the Buffalo community.

Marlow Rockwell
Dean of Student Affairs.

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