Institutional Branding

Institutional Branding

Institutional Branding is responsible for promoting and marketing Arkansas Baptist College and the many programs and services offered on campus.

This department is responsible for:

  • Maintaining publications, special events, the college website, and other external and internal communications.
  • Providing information to the public about the programs and services offered at ABC.
  • Communicating with the media on behalf of Arkansas Baptist College.
  • Coordinating compliance with the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act

Please contact Kristofer Anderson, Marketing Coordinator, at (501) 420-1210 or for more information.

Submitting an Event for ABC Branding

When submitting to our office, please include the following:

Who: Sponsors/hosts of the event and who is invited to attend.

What: Provide a description of the event, including program, activities, speakers, honored guests, etc. Is the event open to the public?

When: Include the date and a start/end time for the event.

Where: Location of the event, including address and any additional directions for getting to the event.

Contact: Provide contact information to direct any questions concerning the event.

Graphics/Flyers: Please provide any ideas or specific needs for graphics or flyers to the office of Institutional Branding at least 2 weeks prior to your activity.  *Should your department design graphics on its own, please adhere to the regulations set forth by the Office of Institutional Branding. Any graphics/flyers or other marketing/promotional media using the College logo or language pertaining to Arkansas Baptist College designed outside of the Office of Institutional Branding must be approved by the director prior to production and/or distribution.


Guidelines for Use of Name

The official name and abbreviations for Arkansas Baptist College are as follows:

  1. Arkansas Baptist College
  2. AR Baptist College
  3. ABC


Athletics: The official mascot is the Buffalo, when spelling out for athletic purposes the word is used in its plural form:  B U F F A L O E S
  1. Arkansas Baptist College Buffaloes
  2. ABC Buffaloes, not Buffalos
Note that the all-initials version contains no spaces.


Guidelines for Use of Logo

The Arkansas Baptist College “Growing Hope” logo is the primary graphical identifier for the College. Consistency in its use is vital to the College’s brand identity.

*Use of the College seal is restricted to the Office of the President*

Logos must be approved for each and all uses as it is the symbol of the College and must remain as a set graphics standard.

Logo users are required to follow the below guidelines:

  • Do not stretch, distort, colorize, filter or attempt to recreate it in any way
    unless approved by the Arkansas Baptist College director of Institutional Branding prior to publication.
  • The logo may not be rearranged in any way or have graphics or words
    added to it.
  • Logos may not be used on any materials deemed inappropriate by the
    Office of Institutional Branding.
  • Use of the logo must be approved by Institutional Branding personnel.


For clarification regarding the appropriate use of the logo or other questions, contact the office of Institutional Branding.


Guidelines for Use of ABC Colors

Arkansas Baptist College hex colors


Guidelines on Social Media Use

Each Division or Campus Entity is responsible for managing their own social media page. All uses of social media must follow all Arkansas Baptist College Brand Standards Guidelines.

Who: Division Heads/Campus Entity Leaders will be in charge of determining who will post to the chapter’s social media pages. Those posting on behalf of the Arkansas Baptist College or any Campus Entity are to respectfully and professionally represent the institution, adhere to the terms and conditions of any third-party sites, and take full responsibility for their communication.

What: Arkansas Baptist College uses social media to highlight activities and events within the Program, as well as the overall mission of the College. Posts from each entity should also include content from trusted sources outside of the organization, such as local media outlets and publications.

Voice: Posts should always be written as the organization itself, using the pronouns “we, us, our and ours.” Please do not use “I, me, my or mine” in any posts on the Arkansas Baptist College pages, unless quoting from an article/source. In such instances, please use quotation marks appropriately to give credit to the source of the quote.

Tag Arkansas Baptist College: Please be sure to tag the official Arkansas Baptist College page when appropriate. This not only provides the chapter additional social reach, but it allows our marketing team to better assist you in promoting events, local chapter news, etc.

Tagging on Facebook: Type the @ symbol, followed by Arkansas Baptist College. A drop-down should pop up with options of pages to choose from. Select the Arkansas Baptist College that has the Growing Hope logo.

Tagging on Twitter: To tag the national page, simply type @ARBAPTISTCOLLEGE

Tagging on Instagram: Tagging on Instagram is similar to Twitter, except our handle is different. Our Instagram handle is @ABCBUFFALOES

If you need more help with this, please contact

Hashtags: Using hashtags appropriates can be a great tool to expand social media reach. Posts about the Arkansas Baptist College should always include #ARBAPTISTCOLLEGE

Other approved brand hashtags include: #ABCBUFFALOSPIRIT, #ABCBUFFALOES

Each Division/Campus Entity may also utilize their own hashtag, as indicated: #ChapelatABC, #DORIatABC, etc.

Divisions/Campus Entities are also permitted to create their own hashtags to accompany posts or events, as appropriate within the Arkansas Baptist College Brand Standards Guidelines.

Events: All events should be submitted to at least 2 weeks in advance. We will then create graphics and flyers as needed and post to Facebook, the campus website, and/or include in BuffaloBeat for promotion.


***Please note, a Facebook Event should only be created for events the public is invited to attend. Internal activities are not events and should not be promoted as such. If you would like to post a reminder for an activity, please create a regular post on your Division/Campus Entity page.***


The following tips are not mandatory but will contribute to the successful use of social media.

  • Divisions/Campus Entities should refrain from sharing any content that is politically motivated.
  • Always avoid engaging in arguments or unnecessarily long dialogue publicly on the official Arkansas Baptist College page and/or in the comment section of posts. In situations where a longer conversation is warranted, please direct the conversation over to a private forum. A direct message on social media or even an email conversation is more appropriate in such situations.
  • Sharing confidential information is not permitted. This includes personal contact information, internal processes or strategies, death notices, campaign benchmarks, unreleased advertising or promotions, legal matters, financial information, etc. For instance, a Death Notice may be shared on a Division/Campus Entity page once it has been released by the College.
  • Be consistent. Aim for high-quality posts, with useful or meaningful updates and information about your Division/Campus Entity.
  • Quality matters. Social media isn’t just about going viral. Users who follow Arkansas Baptist College do so because they derive value and information they care about and it gives them an easy way to connect with students, the campus, and causes they love. Keep in mind that quality extends beyond the type of content you post—it includes imagery, choice of words, and selection of hashtags. Being selective and intentional will empower you to prioritize quality.
  • Be authentic. Every post, link, picture, and conversation should be 100% true to our institution and our brand. Sure, it can be fun (and sometimes relevant) to seize a timely opportunity when it presents itself, but even then, capitalize on it in a way that’s authentic to Arkansas Baptist College.
  • Use spell check. Remember, your posts are representing both your Division/Campus Entity as well as the entire Arkansas Baptist College.


Branded Resources: Logos, PowerPoints, Media Requests, Etc.

Photography Release Form

ABC Media Request Form

ABC Buffaloes Sports Logo_Official.jpg

ABC Powerpoint Template 1.pptx

ABC Powerpoint Template 2.pptx

ABC Powerpoint Template 3.pptx

ABC Text Logo.jpg

Growing Hope IAGT.pdf



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