Father’s Day Weekend of Hope – By Edmond Davis, D.O.R.I Director

Join us every Thursday at 6pm cst on Buffalo Radio for the KEEPING IT 100 With D.O.R.I. BY Edmond Davis, Director of the Derek Olivier Research Institute (D.O.R.I.)  It is the vision of D.O.R.I to have certified specialists like Therapist Bledsoe in place to give feedback to our students, and community.

SPECIAL GUEST on the topic of Black Women ( unrated homicides and abuse ) by BMs:

Darrina S. Bledsoe, M.A., L.A.C., N.T.F.-C.B.T. is a National Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist and EAGALA Certified Mindset Performance Coach. Coach Bledsoe also played NCAA basketball at Simpson College. She specializes working with Spanish-speaking populations as her family is rooted in Spain. The University of Northern Iowa graduate has a coaching mixture of education regarding mental health, wellness, while focusing on performance mindset. Darrina is a business owner, entrepreneur, mindset coach, behavioral health professional, motivational speaker, and author. Bledsoe’s various psychiatric disorder pedagogical input on Buffalo Radio’s ‘KEEPING IT 100 With D.O.R.I is a treasure and is needed.

Bledsoe Empower, LLC. www.bledsoeempower.com <http://www.bledsoeempower.com>

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