Class of 2025 and Returning Students to Receive Fall Semester Debt Free!

June 22, 2021 – Dr. Carlos R. Clark, president of Arkansas Baptist College, is pleased to announce that through many student relief appropriations on both the Federal and State level, ABC is offering the first 500 incoming freshman and returning students the opportunity to attend the 2021 Fall Semester at no additional cost to the student. This offer does not require any new or additional student loans. To be eligible, students must complete the entire admissions process, as well as the 2021-2022 FASFA and register for classes at the ABC Main Campus.

Nationally, according to the Brookings Institute, Black students average 46% higher debt than do their white counterparts upon graduation. With the additional resources now available, ABC is doing its part to reduce the indebtedness of its predominately African American student body. This unprecedented opportunity comes as the result of the tireless work of Arkansas State Senator Linda P. Chesterfield, who recently wrote groundbreaking legislation securing $1 million in scholarships for ABC and each of the other three HBCU’s in the State of Arkansas that recently passed the 93rd General Assembly and signed into law by Governor Asa Hutchinson.

Arkansas Baptist College is now preparing for in-person learning and a full athletic schedule as a new member of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) in the fall.