Why “HBCU” Stands for Two Different Things at ABC

As the only Baptist-affiliated Historically Black College west of the Mississippi, Arkansas Baptist College is proud of the rich legacy and culture that our students experience. Our status as an HBCU is reflected in our rich history of providing higher education opportunities to black Americans. Since the school was founded in 1884, we have provided an outstanding liberal arts education to multiple generations—entire families who have gone on to become leaders in their communities. These accomplishments are also due in part to our broader culture. At Arkansas Baptist College, we believe that our hope, Bibles, community, and understanding set us apart as a truly remarkable HBCU in Arkansas. The following points explain why HBCU stands for two different things on our campus and how our students benefit from it.


When students can embrace hope, they can work toward a promising future without being distracted by the worries of the world. Small classes, affordable tuition, and supportive guidance allow students from all walks of life to achieve their aspirations and find rewarding careers in a wide range of industries. The moment you become a student, our faculty members are dedicated to growing your hope and helping you reach your full potential through a faith-based college experience.


Arkansas Baptist College was originally founded to teach young men and women to become leaders in ministry, so it should come as no surprise that religious studies are at the heart of our institution. We have since broadened our degree programs to include many career paths, but we still believe the Bible should serve as a guide for every aspiring professional. Our students all attend a weekly chapel service called Empowerment Hour, which promotes powerful spiritual growth and a unique support system. By combining education with the Christian faith, our graduates are prepared to make a truly positive impact in their future workplaces. You can attend classes knowing that your beliefs will not only be respected but also encouraged by your instructors and fellow students.


Our students enjoy a strong sense of community on campus, a result of vibrant student activities and organizations. If you want to surround yourself with a group of friends who share your interests and passions, you should consider joining one of the many student activities, organizations, clubs, and committees Arkansas Baptist College offers. Some of these include:

  • Athletics
  • Band
  • Cheerleading
  • Chapel staff
  • Choir
  • Dance team
  • Flag line
  • Greek life
  • Pep squad
  • Recognized student organizations
  • Student government


The decision to attend college can be intimidating, which is why we have gathered a team of understanding staff members who know what it takes to succeed at an HBCU in Arkansas. From the beginning of the admission process to the graduation ceremony, our students can rely on these professional advisors for support and understanding through every phase of their education. You can turn to our staff with questions on how to apply for financial aid, create an educational plan, and select a rewarding career path. We understand the obstacles you may face because we have helped countless other students overcome them and pursue bright futures.

If you want to embrace the two things HBCU stands for at Arkansas Baptist College, contact a member of our staff today at (877)-643-5390 to begin your educational journey.

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