What’s Next? Part 1: Finding a Summer Internship

The process of finding the perfect summer internship requires you to complete the right steps by the given deadlines. Use the following tips to tackle this task with ease.

When looking for a summer internship, you must identify opportunities that precisely align with your education and career goals. Your ability to shine over the other candidates and land the internship depends on the adequate preparation of your application materials. You can ensure you hit the mark by taking a measured approach to the process and tapping into the available resources from your university. Follow the tips below to begin your journey in finding a summer internship that will help launch your future career.

Determine Your Future Career Goals

Your summer internship opportunity should align with your overall career goals to give you an edge against the competition as you enter the job market. Reflect on your future career trajectory from beginning to end to identify the positions you will be aiming for through the years. Although your plans may change, the effort you put into the identification of your goals will help you remain focused on your continued success.

Prepare Your Resume and Cover Letter

You will need to fully prepare your resume and cover letter for each internship application you complete. Since you likely do not have a strong work experience background, create a skill-based resume that details your unique qualifications. If you are applying for internships in several different sectors, you will need to gear your resume to match the requirements of each one. You can create a cover letter template for your reference, but you will need to freshly fill out the details to appropriately sell yourself as an asset to each company.

Tap into the Resources from Your College

If you have any trouble writing your resume and cover letter documents, consider tapping into your university resources by visiting the onsite student center. You can receive help brainstorming qualifications, establishing your resume layout and filling in the blanks. You may also receive assistance with the creation of your cover letter, so you can learn how to format and populate that document on your own. You should also check to see if your university can extend information about alumni contacts with potential summer internship offerings.

Check for Opportunities Early in the Year

When applying for a summer internship, it may be tempting to wait until the spring to start your search. Unfortunately, delaying the application process until then can leave you juggling your coursework requirements as you try to submit your documents by the deadline. Instead, start your search and application process in the late fall months to ensure you can land the best summer internship as early as possible.

Follow Up After Sending in Your Documents

Once you send in your application documents, wait several weeks for a response as you concentrate on the coursework from your university classes. If you do not hear back within one month, contact the individual responsible for hiring interns to check on their progress. Although you may not receive a decision at that time, the hiring manager will surely note your diligence in acquiring a spot at their company. Confirm that the hiring manager has your correct contact information and ask for an approximate timeline in the decision-making process.

Starting Your Journey Toward a Summer Internship

As you begin your journey toward applying for a summer internship, check with the resource centers at Arkansas Baptist College for assistance or call (877)-643-5390. You will receive the support you need to achieve greatness in your field by tapping into the resources supplied by your university.


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