The Important Questions to Ask on a College Visit

Campus tours can help you to choose a college you will love. Use these guidelines to get the most out of your visit! 

One of the best ways to gather information about a college you are applying to is through scheduling a campus visit. Visiting will give new insight into the college experience at an HBCU. When you visit the campus, be prepared to ask a few extra questions, so you can decide if the HBCU in Arkansas is the best fit.

Before you go

Think about what is most important about your college experience at an HBCU. What kind of environment would be best for you? When you have some ideas of what you are looking for, you will be able to decide which schools fit the criteria.

Talk to people

Often on a campus tour, your guide will be a current college student. They will be a great target for your questions. However, you can also take time after the tour to ask students on campus about their experiences. Most will be happy to talk to you and give you some candid responses. You can also try to talk to a professor.

Questions to ask

1. What has been your best academic experience? Or your worst academic experience?

This will tell you what classes are like, and both the positive and negative that students see at the school. Keep in mind that the student you are talking to might think the experience was negative, but you might not feel the same.

2. What professor has made an impact on you?

If it is important to you, ask a current student about a professor who made extra time available to meet with them, or who stayed after class to help with an assignment.

3. What do you do on the weekends? What activities are there to do?

Are students close enough to their hometowns for them to go home every weekend? Can you be in a sorority or fraternity? What is social life like at this college?

4. What is the living situation like?

Get information about the dorms and when students move off-campus. Are there dorms in different areas of campus? Are there dorms targeted for specific student groups?

5. What would you change if you could change one thing about the school?

This question will reveal what students think are the biggest problems on campus. Based on what you want in your college experience, you might agree or you might feel indifferent about particular issues.

6. What is your favorite thing about going to school here?

After you ask the negative, go ahead and ask for the positive. You will see what students really appreciate, and can decide if the positives outweigh the negatives for you.

Now that you know what to consider when you do a campus tour, go ahead and schedule one with Arkansas Baptist College or call us at (877)-643-5390 before applying to our HBCU in Arkansas.

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