Student Spotlight: Meet Malcolm Woodson!

Becoming a student at a historically black university like Arkansas Baptist College (ABC) allows you to make an impact on the world around you. Sometimes students manage to make a powerful impact on the institution itself.

Malcolm Woodson was the first autistic student to graduate from ABC. The impact he made by simply attending and matriculating at ABC is immense. However, his willingness to confront obstacles and maintain his faith at the same time made an impact that is immeasurable.
The Atlanta native became a freshman at ABC after confronting difficulties and prejudices as a high school honor roll student. His winning attitude and charismatic demeanor have caught the attention of those around him—the faculty and his fellow students included.

A Strong Start at Arkansas Baptist College

After he entered college, he gave back to the community immediately. His colleagues named him Mr. Freshman of his class for the 2015-16 year. He also served as chaplain and Vice-President of the First. He joined the Marching Buffaloes marching band and became Historian of the Student Government Association.

Pursuing his Goals at ABC

Mr. Woodson graduated as a music business major. He hopes to one-day score soundtracks for movies and television shows and to eventually open his own music label. When he is not busy working towards his goals, he loves to play video games, read comic books and watch cartoons. The avid student likes to inspire others through his poetry. He uses writing plays and other fiction to tell stories of which everyone can be proud.

ABC Graduates Have a Bright Future Ahead

Now that he has graduated, Malcolm will look fondly upon his beginnings at ABC when his peers voted him Mr. Freshman. He will also look towards a bright future in his chosen field and can be pleased knowing that he has been an inspiration to so many during his time at ABC. Malcolm said that his favorite part about ABC has been that he loves that everyone is just one big family.
Malcolm Woodson’s story is just one example of the benefits of the HBCU experience. Arkansas Baptist College is in the business of helping community leaders like Malcom Woodson reach their full potential. Contact us today to discuss choosing a college major in Arkansas. Find out how you can become a Buffalo and make an impact on your community by calling (877) 643-5390 today.

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