How to Prepare for Your College Visit at Arkansas Baptist College

Start a New Chapter in Your Life by Visiting Arkansas Baptist College

Preparing to make the right college decision can be a challenge, as there is a lot of pressure for your future. Part of that preparation is visiting colleges to get a first-hand preview of what the school has to offer. Before visiting or applying to an HBCU in Arkansas like Arkansas Baptist College (ABC), you should thoroughly prepare yourself for the experience.

Think Academically

Consider your academic and career goals. You will then be able to pinpoint who and what you need to see when making your visit. For example, if you come to ABC and you’re interested in music performance, you can check out the facilities in the music building. Or, if you visit during the fall of your senior year, you can see the marching band in action during a football game halftime show.

Chose a Date That Allows for a Full Campus Experience

Choose a visit date that gives you the best opportunity to see the campus in action. Visiting during summer vacation might be cost-effective if your family already has plans. However, the campus vibe will be completely different as many students and professors are away. You can suggest to your family that you all align vacation and a college visit during your fall or spring break.
If you do plan to attend during the fall or spring semester, you may be able to arrange any number of events. You could:

Beyond the Campus Tour

Visit the campus website before you go. Map out the essential stops. You will spend the time speaking with others about more important things than directions to the admissions office.
If you decide to attend ABC, you will, temporarily at least, become part of the Little Rock community. While you visit the campus, take note of what else the city has to offer. The largest city in the state is home to the Clinton Presidential Library and Museum and the city played a central role in the Civil Rights history of the United States.

Get Your Money Right

Start thinking about how you will pay for college. Comparing tuition costs for college in Arkansas should already be a part of your preparations for applying to schools. Applying for as many scholarships as possible should be on your to-do list. Yet, when you make your visit, you can stop by the financial aid office armed with the essential questions – and documentation – you will need to get the help to attend college. You may save yourself time, money, and big headaches.

Apply at ABC Online Today

While you prepare to visit the Arkansas Baptist College campus, consider the requirements for college admission in Arkansas, the costs outside of tuition and your planned course of study before going. To get a head start, contact the admissions office or file your college application online. Become a part of something larger than yourself by attending an HBCU. First, take a look at what we have to offer on our website and in person in Little Rock.

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