How to Create an Effective Study Environment in 6 Easy Steps

Use these tools to create a productive study environment and make good grades during your time in college. 

You have settled into the new semester; your first round of tests and essays are starting, so you have a lot of studying to get done. How can you get the most accomplished? Follow some of these study tips for HBCU college students, and you will be on your way to the best grades possible.

1. Location

Where do you like to study? First, we recommend the library. It is a center of student life at our HBCU in Arkansas. In addition to the library, think about the spaces you are in when you study, what is happening in those environments, and pick the one that is best for you.

2. Distractions

Set up a distraction-free environment. Do other people distract you from your studying? Are you distracted by piles of paper or clothes? If so, try going to the library. If you like the talking and movement at a coffee shop, then that may be a good environment for you.

Notice what distracts you, and choose an environment that does not have those distractions so that you are able to fully focus on your work.

3. Music

Many students like to listen to music while they are studying. Studies show that people retain information better if they are not using headphones and the music is just background music. Studies have also found that people retain information better if the music is something that is familiar to them because it is easier to tune out.

Pay attention to whether music is a distraction for you, and set up your environment to include it or not.

4. Unplug

Recent studies show that even having a phone sitting on the desk beside you can make you lose focus. When you are studying, put your phone in a bag or leave it in another room. If you are using the computer, stay away from Facebook and Twitter. Unplug from digital distractions and use distraction-blocking apps if you need to.

5. Prime Time Schedule

Figure out when you are at your best mentally and study at that time of day. Whether you are a morning person, a night person, or it just needs to be done before dinner, know your prime time.

Set up a studying schedule and put it on your calendar. Consider your prime time, your class schedule, and your work schedule. Block out an hour or two every day to study.

6. Be Healthy

Your mind will work best to learn and remember information if your body is healthy. Get enough sleep, go work out, drink plenty of water, and eat healthy food.

It is also important to be healthy while you are studying. Take short breaks if you are studying for a long stretch of time. Make sure you have some water to drink and a healthy snack.

Use these tips to have a great college experience at an HBCU and make it your best semester. Contact Arkansas Baptist College by calling (877)-643-5390.

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