Guess Which Famous Faces Graduated from an HBCU

Obtaining a quality education at a choice HBCU institution offers graduates immense benefits in every facet of life. Explore the benefits of attending an HBCU and see if you can choose the correct HBCU graduate in our quiz.

From a community standpoint, attending a historically black college in Arkansas makes sense for both males and females looking for an inclusive and supportive college experience. This decision benefits not only your academic endeavors, but your future career as well.

Main Benefits of Attending HBCU Institutions

The benefits extend well past graduation with HBCU graduates continually thriving in all five forms of wellbeing: physical, social, community, financial and purpose. According to a recent Gallup report, when compared to black graduates from other schools, HBCU graduates tend to enjoy their work life more, maintain lengthier and stronger community connections and bring in more money over the course of their careers. Mentor connections that helped graduates make it through school tend to remain a source of strength throughout life for these HBCU scholars.

Career Preparation Contributes to Sense of Wellness

The main drawback of traditional college life when compared to onsite career training is the lack of preparation for real world career tasks. At HBCU institutions, however, students report feeling like the school experience actually prepared them for the daily tasks handled in their career of choice. Therefore, the level of career preparation offered at these historically black colleges and universities greatly contributes to the sense of wellbeing enjoyed by graduates through their careers and beyond.

HBCU Graduate Quiz

As a testament to the benefits of attending an HBCU institution, many popular actors and actresses, TV personalities and musicians boast degrees from these specialized educational entities. See if you can identify the successful HBCU graduates from the celebrities in our quiz!

If you want the benefits that an HBCU provides and you are looking for a historically black college in Arkansas, look no further than Arkansas Baptist College. We prepare our students for a life of service grounded in academic scholarships, liberal arts tradition, social responsibility, and Christian development. Our goal? For you to be successfully employed in the global community. Request a tour and contact our offices today at (877)-643-5390 to learn more about how ABC will take you where you want to go.

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