Get to Know Mikayla Gatewood and What She Loves About Arkansas Baptist College!

Mikayla Gatewood has encountered numerous obstacles in her life, but she has never let them define her. Find out how Mikayla rose to the challenge and will become the first person in her biological family to graduate college.


Mikayla is originally from Kansas City, Kansas but moved around quite a bit because her father was in the military. When she is not studying or working on things for class, you can find her hanging out with her friends or chilling in her room by herself watching Netflix.


Her College Life

At Arkansas Baptist College, Mikayla is an Urban Community Leadership major who has a passion for offering help and guidance to urban areas. She also chose this degree because she wants to be able to give back as much as she can.

Mikayla is also very involved on campus. She is a part of the Leadership Team on campus as a Residential Assistant and serves on the Arkansas Baptist College Judicial Board as a student representative. Mikayla has also held other positions of leadership such as the secretary of the Student Government Association, and she was Arkansas Baptist College Miss Junior.


Why She Loves Arkansas Baptist College

Mikayla has many favorite things about Arkansas Baptist College, but when asked to pick her most favorite she said that she loves how Arkansas Baptist College gives her a chance for new opportunities. Since attending Arkansas Baptist, she has had nothing but great opportunities open up for her, and she says she’s very grateful for that.

She also said she has many great college experiences at Arkansas Baptist but says her favorite one is the experience to meet new people from all over the world and people from all walks of life. She loves gettings to see different cultures and different perspectives and thinks it’s a fantastic opportunity. Mikayla believes in the saying that ‘you meet your lifelong friends in college.’


Words of Encouragement from Mikayla

Mikayla says that graduating college is more than just a piece of paper for her. It is proof that a girl from the projects in Kansas City, Kansas can go from being in and out of foster care, going from house to house, week after week, family after family to being adopted into an amazing family that is behind my dreams 100% and achieving everything she ever wanted to. Mikayla says that if she can do it, anyone can!

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