Choosing a College Major at ABC: How to Make the Big Decision

Choosing a college major is one of the largest decisions you must make as a student. With so many affordable degree programs at Arkansas Baptist College (ABC), you may be thinking, “How can I choose just one?” Fortunately, there are three easy steps you can follow to answer that question, and ABC’s faculty and staff can help you every step of the way.

1. Review Our Affordable Degree Programs

When picking your college major, you should begin by looking into the degree programs that are offered at Arkansas Baptist College. Review the course catalog for an idea of what classes you must complete to receive a degree and launch your professional career. The degrees offered at ABC include:

  • Associate of Arts in General Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance
  • Associate of Arts in Music Business
  • Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice
  • Bachelor of Arts in Human Services
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor & Associate of Arts in Christian Education
  • Bachelor & Associate of Arts in Urban Community Leadership
  • Bachelor & Associate of Arts in Religious Studies
  • Bachelor & Associate of Arts in Public Administration

Once you have narrowed down your options, schedule a brief meeting with a professor, department head, or guidance counselor who has in-depth knowledge about the degree you might pursue. These people will be able to answer your questions about the class requirements, as well as give you an idea of how previous students have used their education to get a job after graduation.

2. Consider Your Ideal Career Path

Once you have weighed your degree options, think about the type of career you would like to have. Reviewing the top careers for HBCU graduates is a great place to get started if you need inspiration. Some degrees, such as the Bachelor of Arts in Urban Community Leadership, can lead to a wide variety of careers after you graduate. Others, such as Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance, offer a more specific collection of job opportunities. Neither option is better than the other; you must simply know whether you want a more predictable path or one with broader possibilities. Visiting Arkansas Baptist College’s Career Services Center is another easy way to explore the jobs you may enjoy after graduation.

3. Discover Your Personal Strengths

Studies show that students are most likely to find career satisfaction and success when they are enrolled in classes that match their personality and interests. It should come as no surprise that when you choose an Arkansas Baptist College major that lines up with your personal strengths, you will do better as a result. However, it is possible that you do not actually know what your personal strengths are yet. Online services like The Career Key and Good & Co offer simple tests that can reveal these valuable career insights. Once you have discovered your personal strengths, you can review the degree programs you were interested in, as well as your ideal career path, before finally choosing a college major. Arkansas Baptist College’s staff and faculty members are dedicated to ensuring your success, so do not hesitate to discuss your choice with a trusted advisor who can offer their thoughts and advice.

If you are interested in affordable degree programs in Arkansas, contact Arkansas Baptist College today at (877)-643-5390 to learn how we can help you achieve your goals.

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