How Can a Degree in Religious Studies Impact My Career?

What do former Miami Heat shooting guard Shane Battier, actress Rashida Jones, and Good Morning America host George Stephanopoulos have in common with the likes of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Bishop T.D. Jakes? Earning a degree in religious studies was the stepping stone that set each of these individuals on their career path. Contrary to popular belief, religious studies programs not only develop leaders in the pulpit, they are also ideal for those seeking to make an impact on humanity.

Religious Studies at Arkansas Baptist College

If you feel your calling is in Religious Studies, Arkansas Baptist College (ABC) has several degree programs for you to choose from including: Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education; Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies; Bachelor of Arts in Urban Community Leadership; Associate of Arts in Christian Education; Associate of Arts in Religious Studies; and an Associate of Arts in Urban Community Leadership.

The college, founded in 1884 and originally known as the Minister’s Institute, was established as a means to raise the educational level of African Americans in ministry while also making higher education available to young African American men and women throughout the state of Arkansas. Today, that tradition continues and is built into the college’s mission which is to prepare students for a life of service grounded in academic scholarship, the liberal arts tradition, social responsibility, Christian development, and preparation for employment in a global community.

How Can a Degree in Religious Studies Prepare You for Your Career

There is no limit to the jobs you can seek with a degree in religious studies. The skills learned in class will help you become a well-rounded, well-versed critical thinker. You will also learn how to write powerful and persuasive arguments, gain confidence in public speaking, and develop a heightened and empathetic consciousness about people in the world around you. These talents can be applied no matter where your career path leads you.

With a degree in Religious Studies, you can:

  • Become an Attorney: Law schools appreciate students who have good research skills, are able to write compelling arguments, and are comfortable speaking in public. Many lawyers and politicians around the country have a background in liberal arts with a concentration in religious studies or philosophy.
  • Engage in Non-profit Work: Religious studies is the foundation upon which servant leaders are built. Your degree will be an asset if you desire to travel abroad to help provide basic necessities to people in need or even if you prefer to work in your local community by making an impact at the grassroots level.
  • Teach in a Christian Environment: When armed with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian education, you will be well on your way to becoming an administrator of a Christian education program at a school or church using the theory and principles that you learned at Arkansas Baptist College.
  • Make a Lasting Impact on Humanity. With a degree in Urban Community Leadership, you will learn to master conflict resolution, negotiation, and diplomacy, which are qualities that can help you influence leaders worldwide to balance truth, justice, and spirituality when making decisions that impact themselves and others.

Post-Graduate Studies with a Religious Studies Degree

In addition to the variety of jobs available to Religious Studies majors after college, there are numerous post-graduate programs that complement the field including art, law, counseling, social work, and public affairs. Former Secretary of State and United Nations Ambassador, Madeline Albright, noted that “Understanding religion is a key to understanding the world.” Further your understanding of our world and further your career opportunities with a degree in Religious Studies from Arkansas Baptist College!

If you are interested in enrolling in a religious studies program, contact Arkansas Baptist College today at (877) 643-5390 to learn how we can help you achieve your educational goals.

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