6 Things to do in Arkansas this Summer if You Aren’t in Class

When you have a moment away from your classes, these six activity ideas will help you rejuvenate your mind and body.

If you are in dire need of a break between classes at your historically black college in Arkansas, you can explore the amazing attractions in Arkansas to restore your motivation and drive. Exploring the natural landscape, manmade structures, and other intriguing local venues will help restore your mind before the next class session arrives.

When it comes to your university performance, downtime between courses is vital in preparing yourself for the next round of demanding projects and tests. Although lounging around has its place in your rest schedule, exploring the outdoors and visiting cityscape venues can have a restorative effect. Luckily for you, Arkansas boasts plenty of activities to enjoy throughout the summer. On your break from your college experience at an HBCU, start with the following six attractions and expand your itinerary from there.

Walk Along Bathhouse Row

The eight historic landmarks along Bathhouse Row have been popular attractions in Hot Springs since the early 1900s. The historic buildings house the local visitor center, cultural center, museums and art galleries. The Quapaw, however, has morphed into a modern spa with lush amenities, while the Superior bathhouse is a full-scale distillery and brewery that you can tour.

Take a Zip-Line Tour of the Ozarks

On the zipline tour of the Ozarks, you can see the landscape from a brand-new vantage point. On the trail to the zip-lines, you can admire the scenery as you hike across the suspension bridges and covered walkways. As a series of seven ziplines take you the rest of the way down, be prepared for the breathtaking 40-foot Dynamite Drop experience.

Visit the Crystal Bridges Museum

The great outdoors and artistic landscape collide at the amazing Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. Crystal Bridges showcases stunning sculptures, paintings, and other iconic works of art, while the surrounding trails wind through lush woods in full summer bloom.

Hike Through the Pinnacle Mountain State Park

Pinnacle Mountain State Park boasts wilderness trails for hikers of all experience levels. At least two of the trails wind all the way up to the summit of the mountain, while others lead to scenic viewpoints. If you have a long weekend away from your classes, consider camping for the weekend at the nearby Maumelle Park.

Go on a Guided Fishing Trip

Nothing rejuvenates the senses like learning a new skill while exploring the outdoors. Learn how to catch trout and other fish by taking a guided fishing trip across Arkansas. As you boat down the river, your guide will teach you how to tie your line, cast, and reel.

Stroll Through the Downtown Flea Market

If treasure hunting speaks to you, you will love to visit the downtown flea market in McNeil. Vendors from all over the state come there to sell their antiques and homemade goods. From fresh food to vintage clothing, the flea market has something for everyone.

Maximizing Your College Experience at ABC

You can make the most of your educational journey while attending a historically black college in Arkansas by scheduling the downtime you need to restore your motivation. For assistance with any aspect of your college experience, contact Arkansas Baptist College at (877)-643-5390. Our student affairs office will provide you with the support you need while working toward your degree.

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