Center for Teaching and eLearning (CTeL)

Faculty Develoment: Raising The Academic Bar


Center for Teaching and eLearning (CTeL) is a Faculty and Staff Development activity sponsored by Title III Part B Strengthening Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) that provides training and workshops to support Academic Quality and Raising the Academic Bar.

The purpose of this activity is to supplement funding to provide professional development for faculty to improve academic programming at Arkansas Baptist College. Faculty development support focuses on conducting applied research; developing and supporting new academic programs; providing training in grant writing; and providing best practices and tools in critical thinking and technology skills for the content areas. These faculty development efforts support ABC’s efforts to raise the academic bar and add a STEM program and an honors curriculum program.

As a result of development activities in the aforementioned areas, students’ critical thinking and literacy skills in the content areas will improve. Consequently, retention, progression and graduation rates will improve.

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