5 Tips to End the Semester Strong

Typically, the most important projects and exams are due near the end of your term, so it is important to maintain momentum until the last day of class.

Here are 5 tips to end the semester strong.

1. Positive self-talk

One of the biggest hurdles to maintaining good grades near the end of the semester is mental fatigue. Think of those assignments that make you feel like you are wasting your time or the ones that require more energy than you feel you have left. Boredom, intimidation, and exhaustion can hinder your ability to work well on projects and exams.

Self-talk is that inner monologue you hear throughout the day. It can be constructive, building up your confidence and urging you to face challenges head-on. It can also be harmful, doubting your abilities and making you feel incompetent.

During stressful periods like the end of a semester, it is unlikely that you always have positive thoughts. Motivate yourself by becoming more aware of your inner voice and actively trying to improve it.

Think for example about how difficult it is getting started on your math assignments. Instead of letting your inner monologue convince you that you will not do well on it, remind yourself that it gets easier and that there are many resources you can use to solve it. Comforting yourself in this way is much healthier and better for your grades than negative self-talk.

2. Time Management

As a college student, you always have something due. Whether it is one of those big end-of-semester projects, assigned readings, or just studying for final exams, you will have to manage your time in order to meet your deadlines. If you have met deadlines throughout the semester, then keep making the most of your time. If you have struggled with time management, then this process should help.

In order to manage your time, you have to know what assignments are due. Keep track of assignment deadlines, and factor in how long you think it will take to complete them.

Whenever your professor mentions a quiz, test, or reading section, write it down so you do not forget it. Once you get the chance, add the due date to your calendar. This will keep everything organized, and every morning you can look at your week and create a checklist of things for the day.

3. Get the Most Out of Your Study Time

Studying is essential for performing well in college. However, sitting down for an hour of study time can be more or less effective depending on your environment and motivation. Since time is valuable, and you are probably pretty busy, why not try to get the most out of it?

You will want to find a distraction-free location, a place where you can get enveloped in your work. For some people, that will be a busy place with a lot of noise and movement like a cafeteria or a coffee shop. For others, that might be a quiet place like their room or the library.

Regardless, find what works for you. Put your phone in your backpack, and place your bag under your chair. Fewer distractions means you can stay focused on your work.

4. Stay focused until you get your final grade

The semester is coming to a close, but that does not mean you can start your vacation just yet. If anything, the end of the semester will demand the most attention and effort, since that is when the most heavily weighted assignments and exams are due.

It might be difficult to maintain your momentum when the end is so close, but make sure you stay on top of your work. Check with advisors to ensure that you are in good standing. Check with professors about what topics you should be focusing your studies on for final exams. Most of all, check the syllabus for all of your classes to make sure no deadlines have been moved or added.

5. Join a study group or team up with a friend

If you need some extra motivation to study, then use of a cohort study program by joining a study group for one of your classes or by using a friend as a study buddy. By making a commitment to others to work with them, you are less likely to skip the study session, since you already have made the commitment.

Also, remember that your friends do not have to be in your class. Even if they are studying different material, having someone there with you could motivate you to stay focused, and avoid distractions like playing with your phone or watching videos. Plus, talking during breaks could help refresh your mind when things get too tedious, and you feel like stopping.

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