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Welcome to the Arkansas Baptist College Assessment Lab

The Assessment Lab supports the college’s mission statement by administering standardized assessments for Admissions and Academics. The Accuplacer Placement and Diagnostic Exams are College Board Exams. The Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency (CAAP) is an ACT Exam. The Accuplacer Placement exam is administered to incoming freshmen and transfer students when the ACT or SAT Exam scores are unavailable or student has not scored proficiently. Students assigned to Enrichment classes are given the diagnostic exam at the beginning of the semester to define individual strengths and weakness, and at the end of the semester to verify student improvement. The CAAP Exam is administered to rising juniors with 47 or more credit hours that are potential Associate Degree candidates. The Accuplacer and ACT CAAP study guides are available in the Assessment Lab and on the Arkansas Baptist College website on the Academic Affairs Tab.

What Is the College Board Accuplacer Exam?

Arkansas Baptist College adopted the College Board Accuplacer system of assessments January 1, 2017. It replaced the ACT Compass Exam which has been administered from 2009 through 2016. The College Board Accuplacer system is a comprehensive, web-based, integrated suite of computer-adaptive placement and diagnostics exams design to evaluate students’ skills in Reading Comprehension, Sentence skills (Writing), and Mathematics. The Accuplacer System delivers results immediately and accurately (The College Board, 2012).

Accuplacer is an untimed, interactive, computerized test that helps Arkansas Baptist College evaluate skills and place students in appropriate courses. Test results are available immediately upon completion, and the score report includes placement messages informing students of appropriate classes.

What is the CAAP Exam?

The Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency (CAAP) is a set of standardized tests developed to measure student’s achievement levels in up to six areas: Reading, Writing Skills, Writing Essay, Critical Thinking, Mathematics, and Science. The CAAP Exam helps Arkansas Baptist College evaluate the effectiveness of the education students have received and identify areas that may need to be strengthened. The CAAP test also helps students and advisors evaluate individual skill levels and determine how best to help the students achieve academic success. https://arkansasbaptist.edready.org/home

The lab is located in the prestigious Old Main building in room B110. The building is on the national registry of historic landmarks, and it has served countless generations.

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