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In order to get the most out of the campus IT environment, you will need an email account and access to CAMS.

Introducing BuffaloNet and Describing Network Changes at Arkansas Baptist College

In coordination with the leadership team of Arkansas Baptist College, the IT Department has been mandated with the task of managing our IT resources and network environment using industry-standard methods to protect all student and faculty data, and to ensure the College is in compliance with all federally mandated regulations and laws. After careful planning, thought and consideration, the following detailed changes and enhancements have been implemented to make the College’s IT resources easier to utilize and access, to bring the College fully into the 21st century in our technology resource offerings, and to properly secure our network resources according to well-established IT practices:

Instructions for Logging in to CANVAS:

We would like to introduce our new Online Course Management System….Canvas. If you have signed up for online courses, then you will visit Canvas to receive instruction, get your assignments and submit your assignments.

To get to Canvas:

Click on the “Canvas Online Courses” link located on Arkansas Baptist College’s website (
Once you’ve clicked on this link, you will be taken to the Arkansas Baptist College’s Canvas Log-In Screen.  Once this screen pops up, enter your credentials for Canvas.  See below for your credentials. 
Login:    Your Arkansas Baptist College Email Address
Password:     Type the word Password (make sure to capitalize the ‘P’ in Password) and the last four digits of your Social Security number (example below)
(For example, let’s use a sample student named John Doe.  His social security number is 123-45-6789.  So, John’s Canvas password would be:  Password6789)


If you have any issues with logging in, do not know your Arkansas Baptist College email address or any questions about determining your password, please submit a HelpDesk ticket to receive support by clicking on the link:

BuffaloNET and CAMS Portal Access

To increase understanding of the differences between an Active Directory account (the username and password you use to sign into a PC or access your email) and a CAMS Portal account, we will now refer to the Active Directory account as a BuffaloNet account. Since Arkansas Baptist College is the home of the Buffaloes, this name change will allow us to properly brand our IT resources like every other college and university in the country, and will assist our students — especially incoming freshman — in accessing the college’s IT resources effectively. No change has been made to anything in this area … the only change is how we will refer to this account and our IT resources in the future.
The ‘CAMS account’ should continue to be referred to as the CAMS Portal Account. Students access the CAMS Student Portal via, and faculty members access their CAMS Faculty Portal via Those of you who have a CAMS Enterprise account are currently unaffected by this change, and anyone who needs access to this resource should contact the IT Department. I will continue to work on integrating all of this into one logon (BuffaloNet); however, in the meantime, students and faculty will have two separate accounts, the BuffaloNet account and the CAMS Portal account.

BuffaloNet Password Manager

In the meantime, if you are unable to access a PC on campus, or access your ABC/BuffaloNet email via any web browser (, then you will need to contact the IT Department to get this account created and/or have your password reset. For those of you who are able to sign in successfully, I highly recommend that you utilize the BuffaloNet Password Manager that the IT Department deployed earlier this year. Simply go to and register with this service!!! It’s not mandatory at all … but if you have issues with remembering your password, I suggest you utilize this site. The BuffaloNet Password Manager will allow you to reset your password if you forget it, without contacting the IT Department. Simply go to and sign up for the service. If you do not sign up with the BuffaloNet Password Manager prior to forgetting your password, this site will be of no use to you.


Wireless Network Security and Access

In an effort to improve network security, and to bring the college into compliance with current IT standards, the current wireless network configuration has been changed. All users and devices who formerly connected to the “ABC STAFF” or “ABC Wi-FI” network will now be required to sign in to these SSIDs using their BuffaloNet username and password. If your wireless device does not work, please go to your settings app, forget the network you previously connected to, and connect to the Staff network IF YOU ARE A STAFF OR FACULTY MEMBER. The BuffaloNet (Faculty/Staff) wireless network will NO longer be available for use by students FOR ANY REASON. Students will use the wireless network named “BuffaloNet (Students)”. They, also, will be required to sign in using their username and password. Faculty/Staff members will connect to the BuffaloNet (Faculty/Staff) network. Once again, please do NOT provide students with access to this network, as it is designated specifically for faculty and staff use for security purposes.

Easy Access to BuffaloNet Email Resources

Please note that you may access your BuffaloNet email from any web browser via on any computer or mobile device connected to the Internet. I have ensured that you can sign in using either your full email address (for students, that would be ‘’) or just your BuffaloNet username (A1234567) on the website.
As per the direct requests of the leadership team of the College, these cumulative changes are being implemented to ensure all students and faculty have easy to use, secure, worldwide access to the College’s IT resources. As a result, and in direct support of the leadership team of the College, the BuffaloNet email address will become your OFFICIAL email address for ALL internal communication between faculty, students, and the administration. Since you will now need to know your BuffaloNet account credentials to access Wi-Fi, I am certain this will go a LONG way toward ensuring people will be able to access ABC email services (BuffaloNet E-mail) and other BuffaloNet resources. Once again, I suggest you utilize the Password Manager at

Emailing from Multi-Function Printers

The IT Department has activated a feature on all of the Lexmark multi-function printers on campus that now allow anyone to scan a document and email it to themselves or another BuffaloNet user on campus. You can access this feature by loading your document, selecting ‘Email’ on the touch-screen, then select ‘Recipient’. Type the email address of the recipient and press “Done”, then press “Send”. The scanned document will then be attached to an email from the MFP that will be delivered to the specified email address. For security reasons, you will NOT be able to scan and email documents outside of the College directly. However, you can forward the email to your recipient once you have received it from the MFP. It’s a very easy feature to use, and will eliminate the need to scan documents to a flash drive. Feel free to give it a try!!!

Obtaining HelpDesk Support & Remote Support

Many staff and faculty members have noted the section of your desktop that now displays the computer name and IP address of the PC you sign into on campus. Using this information, the IT Department now has the native ability to provide authorized users with VPN access, as well as the ability to provide remote assistance with any issue you may have. Please feel free to contact the IT Department’s HelpDesk via email at Please note that emailing the IT Department concerning your needs is HIGHLY preferred over contacting me in the hallway, or on the phone. Additionally, sending an email will allow you to track the status of your request via the service ticket number that is automatically generated once you send an email to Please keep this in mind if you have any issues that require the assistance of the IT Department.
Each Windows PC on the BuffaloNet network has an app called Windows Remote Assistance. You can now utilize this program to send a specially-formatted email to the IT Department. This email will allow the HelpDesk to provide direct remote assistance with your issues. For those of you who require VPN access to your office PC, please request your supervisor email the IT Department stating their approval. For security reasons, the IT Department will NOT approve requests for VPN access if they are not properly forwarded from a supervisor with approving authority (department directors/managers). For more information, please follow the above directions to obtain support for any issue you may have.
Additionally, you may now call the IT Department for assistance at (501) 420-1272. Those of you who have other numbers for me or my office should immediately discard those numbers and ONLY use this number, as it is the official number for the IT Department of Arkansas Baptist College.

These changes have been implemented with the assistance of ClearPointe, with careful thought and consideration for usability as well as data security, and are effective immediately. In an ever-changing world of technology, these changes will allow the College to deliver and manage network services more effectively, as well as ensure access to IT resources for everyone at Arkansas Baptist College. There are more changes pending that will continue to improve our data security as well as resource usability. I will notify you once these changes are ready for implementation.

I appreciate you all for taking the time to read this long email in its entirety. Please feel free to disseminate this information as needed to everyone at the College. Once again, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me via methods previously mentioned in this correspondence.

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