How We Promote a Healthy Campus

Arkansas Baptist takes pride in promoting healthy habits in our students. In an effort to promote a healthy campus, we’re working with to encourage students to prioritize their health, and stop smoking. This is quitting is an app you can download on iPhone or Android that will help you to stop smoking. See the flyer for more details.

Student Spotlight: Davion Stockard

At Arkansas Baptist College, we take pride in our students and their goals. Take a closer look at one of our students, Davion Stockard, and discover what makes ABC so special to him. At ABC, Davion is a Public Administration major looking to make a difference in the world. Where are you originally from? I was born and raised in St. Louis MO. What made you choose to be a Public Administration major? The reason I chose to be a Public Administration major was to be able make a change...   Read More

Student Spotlight: Natalya Juniel

At Arkansas Baptist College, we take pride in our students and their future. Take a closer look at one of our students, Natalya Juniel, here at ABC and find out the positive impact your donations are able to make in our community. Juniel is a graduating senior and will be receiving her BA in Public Administration in May 2018. Where are you originally from? I am a native of Camden, Arkansas. What is your major? What made you choose your field of study? 
 I chose to pursue a degree...   Read More

How to Balance a Job While Taking Classes

Getting a college education while working a job is a balancing act; follow these tips so that you can do both! If you work and go to school, it is important to consider how you will manage work, classes, and studying. Not only does ABC have money management tips for our HBCU college students, but we also know the best ways to balance work and school. Consider these tips for balancing your school life with your work life while attending a historically black college in Arkansas! 1. Scheduling If you...   Read More

The Important Questions to Ask on a College Visit

Campus tours can help you to choose a college you will love. Use these guidelines to get the most out of your visit!  One of the best ways to gather information about a college you are applying to is through scheduling a campus visit. Visiting will give new insight into the college experience at an HBCU. When you visit the campus, be prepared to ask a few extra questions, so you can decide if the HBCU in Arkansas is the best fit. Before you go Think about what is most...   Read More

How to Create an Effective Study Environment in 6 Easy Steps

Use these tools to create a productive study environment and make good grades during your time in college.  You have settled into the new semester; your first round of tests and essays are starting, so you have a lot of studying to get done. How can you get the most accomplished? Follow some of these study tips for HBCU college students, and you will be on your way to the best grades possible. 1. Location Where do you like to study? First, we recommend the library. It is a center...   Read More

Group Projects: 6 Tips for How to Work with Different Personalities

Use the following tips to succeed in group projects by working with your team to earn the grade you deserve.  Although many students may dread group projects, they are a prominent part of university life and the college experience at an HBCU. Get ready for your project with these study tips for HBCU college students! 1. Choose your group carefully Think about the personalities and lives of those you consider working with before committing to a group collaboration. It is important to determine if your project is a high priority for...   Read More

5 Ways for College Students to Survive Being Homesick

Conquer your homesickness by getting involved, making a routine, and staying in touch with family and friends. New college students are often surprised when they feel homesick, although it is a very common experience for the majority of undergraduate students. Experts say that homesickness occurs because entering into college is a big transition, and the desire for comfort and familiarity leads students to miss their home lives.

Career Services: Resources and How to Use Them

Follow these tips on how to use the resources provided to you as a college student at ABC! What is your goal after you finish college? While there are many possible career paths after graduating from an HBCU, the goal is probably to start your career. Have you thought about the steps you will need to take to get a job? Not to worry. Our career services center is here to help. Finishing your college degree is an important first step. But there are a lot of additional steps that we do...   Read More

What Should Your Major Be?

When it comes to choosing a major, much thought must go into the process to accurately align your educational journey with your future career goals. Give this quiz a try to identify your ideal options. Although childhood brings big dreams of growing up to be a firefighter, doctor or veterinarian, most people rethink these career goals upon reaching the college years. A shift in passions and skills often inspires the selection of a major that better reflects this new outlook. If you are struggling to identify the best educational path...   Read More