What Next? Part 2: 5 Tips to Find a Job After College

Knowing the resources and techniques available to you for your post-college job search can help you find success.

As you approach your hard-earned graduation date, it comes time to turn your attention toward the start of your career. By obtaining the perfect starter job, you can propel your career to great heights and reach your career goals in record time.

You must approach the job search process with purpose to find the position that will help you achieve your goals. Use the five following tips for getting a job after college to start your journey toward career success.

1. Play Up Your Strengths

New graduates often let their lack of actual work experience prevent the pursuit of their ideal job. Since landing a great job in the industry of your major can have a transformative effect on your career trajectory, you must push past this perceived barrier and forge ahead.

You can easily minimize the impact of this missing factor by creating a resume and cover letter that plays up your strengths. Focus on your course performance, extra-curricular activities, internships, and existing skillset, instead of listing irrelevant past jobs, to make a great impression on your hiring manager.

2. Master the Interview Process

To make sure your Arkansas job interviews always go well, practice answering questions about your career goals, educational journey and skillset.

The most challenging question is usually the one asking for your greatest weakness, so find a way to tie your perceived challenges back to your emerging strengths. Job recruiters usually want to hear that you have a plan in place to help you overcome the listed weakness by tapping into your existing skillset.

3. Utilize All College Resources

Universities extend supportive resource programs to graduates to help their valued alumni find jobs after graduation. You may receive help crafting a quality resume and cover letter, practicing your interview skills or even acquiring a professional outfit to wear to your interviews. You should check with your Student Affairs office to inquire about the available resources from your college.

4. Tap into Your Connections

Connections with your teachers, advisors, and fellow students can help you build the network you need to achieve great career success. You can tap into this extensive network to learn about job openings in your field and make a great first impression during the hiring process.

Make sure to update your professional social media profiles, especially LinkedIn, to regularly interact with the people in your network and remain responsive to opportunities sent your way.

5. Find the Right Support

When it comes time to start finding a job after college, seek support from your advisors and mentors at Arkansas Baptist College by calling (877)-643-5390. As a valued ABC graduate, you are always welcome to tap into the resources offered through the Career Transition Platform. You may receive career advice, resume help, and job alerts through this useful platform.

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