How Summer Bridge Can Help You Prep for College

Before you head off to your first year of school at Arkansas Baptist College, fully prep for the experience by attending the Summer Bridge program. From June 19 through July 27, this innovative opportunity allows you to make connections and experience everything college has to offer before you start your first semester. When you make these smart preparations, your chances for success increases dramatically while attending a historically black college in Arkansas.

Program Details

The Summer Bridge program gives you the opportunity to network with your peers and instructors while attending informative and helpful workshops. The lessons extended during the workshops center around educational goals, life skills, finances and much more. You will learn about the best approach and attitude to employ to achieve great success during your HBCU journey.

Attendee Requirements

To qualify for admittance in the Summer Bridge program, you must apply to Arkansas Baptist College and receive your acceptance letter. With your program application, you should include a sealed high school transcript that is updated through graduation. In addition, you must complete your financial aid paperwork for both the school and government. Once you have those steps completed, simply pay for your ABC orientation and enroll in the program.

Benefits of Attending Summer Bridge

While moving through the Summer Bridge program, you can expect to enjoy the following benefits.

  1. Learn About the College Experience

The full college experience begins once you step foot on campus to participate in this summer program. You will be able to adjust your expectations and approach without worrying about an impact on your grades. Once official classes start, you will be ready to tackle the toughest assignments, projects and tests without worry.

  1. Become Acquainted with the Campus

Attendance at a summer program gives you an amazing chance to explore the college campus unhindered. The lower attendance rate during summer will save you from having to move through the crowds while attempting to orient yourself with building locations and other campus landmarks.

  1. Connect with Instructors and Classmates

While attending the summer program, you will enjoy the opportunity to connect directly with likeminded classmates and the instructors you will see throughout your journey toward a degree. Networking will help you take advantage of the campus resources, gain mentors and make friends well before school starts.

  1. Early Fall Registration Opportunities

New students often have to wait to register to give others nearing graduation a chance to fill their degree requirements. By attending the Summer Bridge program, however, you can skip the wait and sign up for your core requirements earlier than other new students. This opportunity gives you a chance to get those classes out of the way so you can focus on the classes you are dying to take.

Learning About Student Life at an HBCU in Arkansas

When you are ready to experience student life at an HBCU in Arkansas, prepare to complete your application and Summer Bridge program enrollment at Arkansas Baptist College. You can contact the admissions department or student affairs center to receive help with any aspect of the application and enrollment process by giving us a call at 877-643-5390.

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