Group Projects: 6 Tips for How to Work with Different Personalities

Use the following tips to succeed in group projects by working with your team to earn the grade you deserve. 

Although many students may dread group projects, they are a prominent part of university life and the college experience at an HBCU. Get ready for your project with these study tips for HBCU college students!

1. Choose your group carefully

Think about the personalities and lives of those you consider working with before committing to a group collaboration. It is important to determine if your project is a high priority for them and if their routine matches well with yours.

2. Get to know your group

Always take a few minutes to get to know the members of your group. You want to know how they like to work and their personality. Ask a lot of questions, such as: how do you like to work? How do you want to communicate? Do you prefer to split up tasks and complete them separately or do you like to work on them together?

To learn their personalities, consider if they are introverted or extroverted. Extroverts will be excited to talk, while introverts will hang back. Ask if they are a doer or a procrastinator. You can also ask what their roles were in previous group projects.

3. Create check-ins and deadlines

Your professor will have at least one deadline for you, but as a group set up several check-in dates. Check-ins can be a meeting time, an opportunity to make sure everyone is on the same page, or the moment to put together the sections of your project which have been completed separately.

As a rule of thumb, set a group deadline at least two days before your professor’s official deadline. This will give you a little time to deal with any last-minute issues without panicking.

4. Take the lead

Every group needs a leader. Why shouldn’t it be you?

Being a leader is part of student life at our HBCU in Arkansas. Learning how to lead a group will help you build skills that will be useful in other classes or in your career. It will also help you to achieve your goals (whether it be a good grade or winning a class competition) for your project.

5. Keep problems in check

If a group member is causing a problem by not doing their work or through their attitude, say something to them right away. Work with them to get the assignments done while still keeping the workload evenly distributed among team members. Most importantly, keep lines of honest communication open.

6. Focus on the positive

Think about the positive parts of doing a group project and keep your attention on those. Even if the positive part is small, remember that it may be a real benefit to you.

Also, focus on keeping a positive attitude as you interact with your group members. All of your interactions with the group will go more smoothly if you can maintain a positive and kind demeanor.

Although group projects can be hard, they also help you build skills that you will need for the workplace. Check out more study tips for HBCU college students or contact Arkansas Baptist College by calling (877)-643-5390.

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