7 GIFs to Describe Your Experience with ABC Summer Class

College courses taken in the summer can save time and money, and give you a more personal learning environment. 

Attending courses in the summer season flings open the doors for increased success in your path to a degree. Let this selection of GIFs be your guide to deciding if you want to take part in summer courses at an open enrollment college like Arkansas Baptist College!

Although the summer season might feel like the time for vacation, part-time (or full-time) jobs, and relaxing, signing up for college courses could benefit you in the long run. You might be feeling like…


…but we guarantee, summer classes can help you keep your school expenses in budget and catch up on general education courses that you need for graduation. With part-time degree programs in Arkansas and summer courses that fit your schedule, you can make the most of your time, just like Stanley Hudson.


Budget Friendly Course Fees and Textbook Costs

If you need to keep a close eye on your college budget, taking classes in the summer session could help you keep your expenses under control. Many four-year universities will allow you to take a few of your required courses at a local college during the summer to save money on tuition costs. This means that you will never be looking around like this at the end of the semester!


Chance to Accelerate the Degree Acquisition Process

If you still need general studies courses to meet your graduation requirements, the summer session can help you whip through those classes with ease. By enrolling in a part time degree program this summer, you can reduce the length of your undergraduate degree journey. And we all want that, right?


To do this, you must map out your course plan to ensure you can take each required course by the graduation deadline to earn your degree.


Remember that with a condensed course schedule, you will have less time to complete each project and study for upcoming tests. To avoid getting off track, make sure to review the syllabus and deadline schedule daily in addition to checking in with your instructor on a weekly basis.

Opportunities for One on One Instruction 

Fewer students tend to sign up for the summer season, which opens the doors for increased one on one instruction. If you are struggling to learn difficult concepts in any of your advanced courses, you may want to sign up for them during the summer to receive the extra instruction you need in those subjects.


In addition to having more time for asking questions during class, you can access even more dedicated assistance during office hours without fighting for the time slots with your classmates. Make sure to take advantage of tutoring, learning labs, and other resources available through your student affairs center as well.

Finding Summer Courses in Arkansas


So, what are you waiting for? Contact the admissions office at Arkansas Baptist College, an open enrollment college in Arkansas, by calling (877)-643-5390 when you are ready to start working toward your intended degree. You can take a campus tour, sign up for an advisor meeting, or simply fill out your application paperwork upon arriving at the university. In just one visit, you will receive the assistance you need to start your educational journey right away.

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