5 Ways for College Students to Survive Being Homesick

Conquer your homesickness by getting involved, making a routine, and staying in touch with family and friends.

New college students are often surprised when they feel homesick, although it is a very common experience for the majority of undergraduate students. Experts say that homesickness occurs because entering into college is a big transition, and the desire for comfort and familiarity leads students to miss their home lives.

student life at your HBCU in Arkansas. Talk to someone new or join a club so that you have regular meetings to go to.

2. Make a new routine

At home, you most likely had a routine with specific things you did each day. Some of that routine was probably set by your family. This is your chance to choose what your new daily life will consist of. Think about what works for you regarding things like meal times and sleep schedules. Having a routine will help you embrace the new place you are in.

3. Create a new comfort zone

Just like having a routine can help this place feel familiar, you can create a new comfort zone that can be your place to unwind. You can set up this comfort zone in your room with pictures, lamps, blankets, or pillows. You can also explore and find a place on campus that feels calm and comfortable for you to spend time each week.

4. Set times to reach out to family and friends at home

Calling your family and friends who are still at home every day will remind you that you miss them. Instead of focusing on constantly staying in touch, schedule times to talk and visit them. If your hometown is close, do not go home every weekend. Change your focus to be where you are now. Get involved in the college experience at an HBCU, give yourself time to make friends, and put time and attention into your studies.

5. Start small

This advice can apply in two different ways. First, you can start small with getting involved. You can do something small like starting a conversation with someone you see in the hall, in class, or on campus. Remember a conversation can start with a question like, “What class are you going to?”

Second, you can start small by thinking about increments of time. Instead of worrying about the rest of the year or the rest of the semester, remind yourself that you can do this for two weeks. You can do absolutely anything for two weeks.

For more ideas on getting involved, check out what is happening on campus or contact Arkansas Baptist College by calling (877)-643-5390.

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