5 Ways for College Students to Survive Being Homesick

Conquer your homesickness by getting involved, making a routine, and staying in touch with family and friends. New college students are often surprised when they feel homesick, although it is a very common experience for the majority of undergraduate students. Experts say that homesickness occurs because entering into college is a big transition, and the desire for comfort and familiarity leads students to miss their home lives.

Career Services: Resources and How to Use Them

Follow these tips on how to use the resources provided to you as a college student at ABC! What is your goal after you finish college? While there are many possible career paths after graduating from an HBCU, the goal is probably to start your career. Have you thought about the steps you will need to take to get a job? Not to worry. Our career services center is here to help. Finishing your college degree is an important first step. But there are a lot of additional steps that we do...   Read More

What Should Your Major Be?

When it comes to choosing a major, much thought must go into the process to accurately align your educational journey with your future career goals. Give this quiz a try to identify your ideal options. Although childhood brings big dreams of growing up to be a firefighter, doctor or veterinarian, most people rethink these career goals upon reaching the college years. A shift in passions and skills often inspires the selection of a major that better reflects this new outlook. If you are struggling to identify the best educational path...   Read More

4 Tips for Turning Your Internship into a Full-Time Job

If you absolutely love your summer internship, take the time to transform your position into a permanent role. Follow these four tips to turn your temporary position into a full-time job. An internship is a fabulous opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge you need to excel in your chosen career paths after graduating from an HBCU. Although many internships are temporary positions, with the right approach, you can work your way toward a permanent role at the company. You just need to position yourself as a driven, career-minded professional...   Read More

6 Things to do in Arkansas this Summer if You Aren’t in Class

When you have a moment away from your classes, these six activity ideas will help you rejuvenate your mind and body. If you are in dire need of a break between classes at your historically black college in Arkansas, you can explore the amazing attractions in Arkansas to restore your motivation and drive. Exploring the natural landscape, manmade structures, and other intriguing local venues will help restore your mind before the next class session arrives. When it comes to your university performance, downtime between courses is vital in preparing yourself...   Read More

How Summer Bridge Can Help You Prep for College

Before you head off to your first year of school at Arkansas Baptist College, fully prep for the experience by attending the Summer Bridge program. From June 19 through July 27, this innovative opportunity allows you to make connections and experience everything college has to offer before you start your first semester. When you make these smart preparations, your chances for success increases dramatically while attending a historically black college in Arkansas.