6 Things to do in Arkansas this Summer if You Aren’t in Class

When you have a moment away from your classes, these six activity ideas will help you rejuvenate your mind and body. If you are in dire need of a break between classes at your historically black college in Arkansas, you can explore the amazing attractions in Arkansas to restore your motivation and drive. Exploring the natural landscape, manmade structures, and other intriguing local venues will help restore your mind before the next class session arrives. When it comes to your university performance, downtime between courses is vital in preparing yourself...   Read More

How Summer Bridge Can Help You Prep for College

Before you head off to your first year of school at Arkansas Baptist College, fully prep for the experience by attending the Summer Bridge program. From June 19 through July 27, this innovative opportunity allows you to make connections and experience everything college has to offer before you start your first semester. When you make these smart preparations, your chances for success increases dramatically while attending a historically black college in Arkansas.

7 GIFs to Describe Your Experience with ABC Summer Class

College courses taken in the summer can save time and money, and give you a more personal learning environment.  Attending courses in the summer season flings open the doors for increased success in your path to a degree. Let this selection of GIFs be your guide to deciding if you want to take part in summer courses at an open enrollment college like Arkansas Baptist College! Although the summer season might feel like the time for vacation, part-time (or full-time) jobs, and relaxing, signing up for college courses could benefit...   Read More

Why Choose Arkansas for Your Undergraduate Studies?

Your college of choice should offer personal, professional and financial benefits that last a lifetime. A major factor for many students is choosing a quality college with a low out-of-state tuition.   When you are researching colleges for your undergraduate studies, you should consider personal, professional and financial factors to narrow down your options. Take time to discover which college will best help you prepare for your professional career. Ideally, your college of choice will have fair tuition rates, community support, and offer opportunities for adventure outside the classroom.

What Next? Part 2: 5 Tips to Find a Job After College

Knowing the resources and techniques available to you for your post-college job search can help you find success. As you approach your hard-earned graduation date, it comes time to turn your attention toward the start of your career. By obtaining the perfect starter job, you can propel your career to great heights and reach your career goals in record time. You must approach the job search process with purpose to find the position that will help you achieve your goals. Use the five following tips for getting a job after...   Read More

What’s Next? Part 1: Finding a Summer Internship

The process of finding the perfect summer internship requires you to complete the right steps by the given deadlines. Use the following tips to tackle this task with ease. When looking for a summer internship, you must identify opportunities that precisely align with your education and career goals. Your ability to shine over the other candidates and land the internship depends on the adequate preparation of your application materials. You can ensure you hit the mark by taking a measured approach to the process and tapping into the available resources...   Read More