What’s Next? Part 1: Finding a Summer Internship

The process of finding the perfect summer internship requires you to complete the right steps by the given deadlines. Use the following tips to tackle this task with ease. When looking for a summer internship, you must identify opportunities that precisely align with your education and career goals. Your ability to shine over the other candidates and land the internship depends on the adequate preparation of your application materials. You can ensure you hit the mark by taking a measured approach to the process and tapping into the available resources...   Read More

Guess Which Famous Faces Graduated from an HBCU

Obtaining a quality education at a choice HBCU institution offers graduates immense benefits in every facet of life. Explore the benefits of attending an HBCU and see if you can choose the correct HBCU graduate in our quiz. From a community standpoint, attending a historically black college in Arkansas makes sense for both males and females looking for an inclusive and supportive college experience. This decision benefits not only your academic endeavors, but your future career as well.

Can You Afford to Go Back to College Part-Time?

Considering expenses may be necessary before you decide if going back to college is financially realistic. For help making this decision, take a look at this guide to help you determine if you can afford returning to college part-time. Completing your college education is a good idea—but the reality is, it is sometimes hard to find the time and money to get your degree. The good news is that financial barriers to going back to school can be avoided if you take a measured approach to the planning process. The...   Read More

National African American Read In Thank You Note

Where We Came From: The History of ABC

The ABC community actively honors its roots while continuing to forge ahead to give students from all walks of life the opportunity to succeed in their endeavors. Understanding the history of ABC and future plans for our historically black college in Arkansas can offer the insight you need to excel at our college. Arkansas Baptist College fulfills the need for a high quality, accredited educational institution with a focus on personal, professional and spiritual growth.

President Jones’ Hopes for 2017: What You Need to Know

As President Jones begins his first full year leading Arkansas Baptist College (ABC), he has many goals that he plans to accomplish. The new year also gives the President a chance to let the ABC community know about upcoming events, as well as key changes that will be implemented. Strengthening the ABC Community No matter how large or seemingly minor, each new undertaking at Arkansas Baptist College is geared toward the goal of improving the college’s reputation, notes President Jones. While acknowledging that the institution has some ground to make...   Read More