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Dr. Mattie Yvette Wimberly, Dean of Retention and Student Success
Dr. O. Fitzgerald Hill, President

Student Academic Success Department

Welcome to Arkansas Baptist College Student Academic Success (SAS) Center. The mission of the Academic Success Center is to assist undergraduate students to become self-determined, motivated, and independent learners. The SAS Center provides instruction and services that will support students in the development of skills to promote academic excellence, foster student retention, and offer other services that promote both the education and social well-being for our student success to and through graduation.
Arkansas Baptist College (ABC) Student Academic Success program is committed to providing resources and assistance in helping students succeed in their academic endeavor. The staff in the Student Success Program serves as advocates to all undergraduate students, but especially to freshman and transfer students in their first year at ABC.

Academic Success Plan for Students
Your Academic Success Plan is your blueprint that will allow you to track your academic performance throughout your collegiate journey as well as for improving your academic performance while at Arkansas Baptist College. You will prepare this in consultation with your advisor. The Academic Success Plan has several components that together create a path to success.

A fundamental goal of the Academic Success Division is to monitor all entering students and provide academic advisement, services, and activities that will maximize their chances of success. Specifically, the goals are to:
1) Provide an opportunity for students to adjust to college life and enhance their personal development.
2) Offer a consolidated system to assist in academic support and student retention.
3) Provide an opportunity for each student to acquire an understanding of student success skills.
4) Improve the academic performance of students needing enrichment.
5) Meet the needs of diverse and special populations, including students with disabilities and students who are underprepared for the college experience and/or coursework.
6) Provide an opportunity for all entering students to develop and/or enhance the following skills:
• Competence in reading, written and oral communication skills,
• Critical thinking,
• Awareness of global perspectives, and
• Student success best practices.

The primary function of this unit is to provide academic advising for new, transfer and continuing students who have declared a major of AA in General Studies and/or have not completed the general education core curriculum. Academic advisors practice active concern for students’ academic progress and assist students to understand and utilize programs and services that can increase the likelihood for their success. The college’s undergraduate catalog, college handbook, course and student educational plans are the primary components of the advising process. Students who indicate a major interest are advised to consult with the chair of the academic department in which the program is offered.

Career Coaches

Mrs. Akissi Brooks-Hill:
Dr. Samuel Meredith:

Mrs. Sara Daughtery-Writing and Reading
Mr. Charles Williams-Math
Mr. Egwim Sylvester-Math

Contact Information
It is important that you and your advisor be able to contact each other. Your advisor has office hours when he/she is available for consultation. When are your “office hours?” The Academic Success Plan has a space for you to list a time or times when your advisor is likely to reach you. E-mail is an increasingly common means of communication. It combines the speed of telephone communication with the convenience of mail. Student Academic Success Staff will only contact you through your school email.
Arkansas Baptist College Student Academic Support is dedicated to creating an environment that will allow students the opportunity to engage in communities and foster a campus-wide learning environment. SAS will continue to encourage students to develop their potential to the fullest through multiple layers of student support services. The SAS department, along with faculty, staff, and administrators are dedicated to increasing learning opportunities, spiritual growth, and a holistic learning approach for all students. By doing this, ABC will turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones, failure into success, negatives into positives and will help each student to persist and graduate.