1. Real Life Facebook:
At Arkansas Baptist College, you’ll have plenty of friends all in the same place. Like FB, but better! It’s a built in social network, and a great way to make lasting friendships.

2. More Sleep, Less Stress:
Wake up 20 minutes before class and still beat your professor there. All of our Residence Halls are within a 5 minute walk to class. Not to mention the money you will save on Gas!

3. Be in the Middle of it All:
Being close for Chapel, supporting the Basketball Teams, hanging at the Buffalo Barn, front row seats to hear guest speakers ; if you live on campus, you are in the center of it all at Arkansas Baptist College!

4. Better Grades:
Studies show students who live on campus consistently earn higher GPA’s. So, go ahead, make your folks proud by bringing home those fancy grades!

5. Buffet Everyday:
How about all you can eat everyday and it’s paid for! The Brand-New ABC Campus Bistro is less than 2 minutes walking from both on campus residence halls. And did we mention the Buffalo Barn? All within walking distance…What’s not to love about that?

6. At ABC, It really is a GOoD Thing:
Being on campus and staying connected to the residential community allows you to stay centered academically, and spiritually. Connect with church leaders and students to form or strengthen your relationship with Christ!

7. Top Secret Test Secrets:
If you live in Campus Housing, your professors and academic advisors are never far away! Also, access to free campus Wi-Fi 24/7 keeps you linked up to finish those last minute assignments!

8. No Due Dates:
Ditch the worries about set up fees and fluctuating bills. All rent, cable, internet, utilities, furniture, and programs are included in your payment per semester! So while some folks will be scrapping up light bill money or trying to borrow cash for cable; You’re Covered!

9. No Hassle Anything:
With an entire staff of professionals behind you, like Res Life Administrators, Student Affairs professionals, maintenance, Res Life Mentors, CA’s and more– you’ll never have to deal with anything alone because someone will always have your back.

10. Create Your Legacy:
Living on campus is the key ingredient in the college experience recipe. You haven’t had the full ABC experience until you’ve lived with Team Res Life. Our team will do whatever it takes because we understand that Residential Life & Housing is ”Where Your Legacy Begins!”