Applying for admission at Arkansas Baptist College

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Arkansas Baptist College offers equal educational opportunities to all persons in accordance with the Civil Rights Acts of 1964, as amended.

For first-time entering, full or part-time freshmen: Please submit …

1. Application for Admission
2. Official test result from one of the following: ACT (preferred), SAT, ASSET (Accepted)
3. Immunization record
4. Official high school transcript showing completed units and certificate of graduation
5. Students who present passing scores on the General Education Development (GED) test in lieu of high school graduation.
6. Transfer students must have official transcripts mailed from each college or university previously attended.

Students who have taken the ACT test may contact the Scholars College at (501) 244-5160 for details concerning residential testing or who have scored low on the ACT test.

Students not meeting the requirements for unconditional admission may be granted conditional admission. Such admission can only be granted under the approval of the Executive Vice-President/Chief Academic Offi cer. Students admitted in this category are:

1. Applicants from non-accredited high schools.
2. Transfer students who do not have the
2.00 GPA may be admitted conditionally if they are eligible to return to the college/ university most recently attended, or if they have been out of school for a fall or spring semester.

All students’ under conditional admission may be required to take all enrichment studies courses during the fi rst fi fteen (15) hours at Arkansas Baptist College.

Readmit Students
The application must be accompanied by such additional information as required by the Director of Admissions to establish justification for favorable consideration. Applying for readmission requires:

1. Completed application for readmission, and non-refundable $25 fee;
2. Typed resume and a description of what you have done during your absence. Include employment, schools attended, courses taken, and a statement describing why you wish to return to ABC;
3. Provide two (2) letters of recommendations;
4. Submit an offi cial transcript from each school attended since last enrolled at ABC;
5. Documented proof from ABC chief financial offi cer stating that you are in satisfactory fi nancial standing with the college.

Transfer Students
A transfer student with more than 30 semester hours and with a “C” average or better must submit an application for admission and an offi cial transcript from all institutions previously attended.

Transfer students with fewer than 30 semester hours of credit must submit an application for admission, high school transcript, ACT or SAT scores and all college and/or university transcripts, and immunizations records.

Transfer students with less than “C” averages from colleges or universities may be admitted to the college on academic probation with approval of the Executive Vice-President/Chief Academic Offi cer. Transfer students who were asked to withdraw from other institutions for academic reasons will not be allowed to enroll at Arkansas Baptist College until they are eligible for re-enrollment at the previous institution.

Students from other colleges and universities who desire to attend Arkansas Baptist College during the summer only, may be admitted by submitting an application and a statement of good standing from the institution where they are regularly enrolled. If the student becomes a degree candidate, all admissions requirements must be met.

Arkansas Law requires proof of immunization for students.

International Student Admission
A complete application for admission along with the following credentials must be submitted.

1. Official TOEFL scores of a least 500 as evidence of profi ciency in the English language.
2. Official copies of all prior academic work: English translation is required.
3. Verification of adequate financial resources to finance the proposed course study.

[Arkansas Baptist College conforms to ACT 351 for the State of Arkansas (1991), which “prohibits the making, forging or counterfeiting of a transcript, diploma, or grade report.” A person who violates any provision of this act shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction shall be subject to a fine not to exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000), or imprisonment not to exceed six (6) months, or both.]

Students are eligible to receive housing applications once they have been admitted to the college. An application may be requested by contacting the Office of Enrollment Management at (501) 244-5199.

Admittance to Arkansas Baptist College does not guarantee housing.

Financial Aid
All students are encouraged to complete an application for federal fi nancial aid. You may apply online for federal student aid at For additional information contact:

Office of Financial Aid
Financial Aid Code: 001087

Please note: failure to report enrollment at another institution may result in academic dismissal and/or loss of credits earned.