About the College
Arkansas Baptist College is a private, historically black, four-year liberal arts college founded in 1884. Originally, the purpose of this religious institution was to raise the educational level of black ministers. Later, the purpose was changed to assist in the preparation of teachers for the state of Arkansas.  Presently, the college offers educational opportunities for all persons without regard to race, sex, religious or national origin throughout the United States and abroad.  We are proud to be accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. We are very proud to graduate students who are dedicated to the college and realize the importance of giving back to their alma mater and to the community.

Alumni Mission Statement
The mission of the Office of Alumni and Community Relations is consistent with the mission and core values of Arkansas Baptist College. We are interested in the continued success of our students and committed to showing a personal interest in their moral and social well-being, and professional careers. We expect them to develop as leaders and role models in every aspect of their lives.

Alumni Happenings
Share what’s going on in your life and learn about weddings, anniversaries, promotions, career changes, births and deaths of fellow graduates and friends. To find out more, subscribe to the campus quarterly newspaper, “The Baptist Vanguard Today” and see what other graduates are doing and what is happening at your institution. Subscriptions are $50.00 per year. Send an article of interest to the Vanguard at terri.clark@arkansasbaptistcollege.edu

Volunteers Needed
We are seeking volunteers! Assistance from graduates, former students and friends is needed to assist with special projects such as:

  1. phone banks
  2. alumni directory
  3. home-coming activities
  4. speakers in college classrooms or chapel services
  5. mail-outs
  6. chaperones
  7. clerical tasks
  8. alumni Fundraising events
  9. organizing clubs or chapters in your areas. 
  10. assistance with essays and spelling bees for public school students

Recruitment and Student Referrals
Do you know of a student(s) who did not make a high grade point average or ACT score, but is serious about attending college? Or a student who needs a small interactive classroom and supportive learning environment? Arkansas Baptist College is just the place! On our campus, students have a choice of participating in sports activities such as: men and women’s basketball, baseball and football. We also have Greek organizations on campus.  Check out the College Admission website and refer a student that will profit from a positive Christian learning environment.

Alumni Chapters and Associations
Listed are three of the largest alumni chapters operating under the National Alumni Associations of ABC: (1) Greater Little Rock Chapter, (2) St. Louis Chapter and (3) Chicago Chapter. The National Alumni Association and the local chapters exist to:

  1. promote the general welfare of Arkansas Baptist College.
  2. promote close relationships among the faculty and staff, graduates, former students and supporters.
  3. promote positive communication among the institution, graduates and the community.
  4. encourage high educational standards and Christian values at Arkansas Baptist College.
  5. provide volunteer and financial support in accordance with the college’s status as a nonprofit organization.

Alumni Chapter Memberships and Dues
Recent graduates, former students, and friends of the college may hold membership in the local associations in the city in which they reside or a nearby chapter.

National Dues
National dues are $25.00, payable from June 1st to May 31st of each year. Complete the membership application and submit, along with the appropriate fee to:  National Alumni Association of Arkansas Baptist College, Inc., c/o Treasurer, P. O. Box 55662, Little Rock, Arkansas, 72202.

Little Rock Chapter annual dues are $25.00, payable from June 1st, to May 31st. Send dues to Greater Little Rock Chapter, Little Rock, Arkansas 72215-5662 in c/o Treasurer, 6405 Shirley Drive. For additional chapter information, send an e-mail to arma.hart@arkansasbaptistcollege.edu

Local Chapters/Clubs
A club or chapter may be organized in any city or community where there are enough graduates or former students and friends. There shall be no organization of two clubs or chapters in any city or community. Clubs/chapters organized in the name of Arkansas Baptist College shall be governed by the Constitution and By-laws of the Arkansas Baptist College National Alumni Association, Inc. If you desire to form a chapter, e-mail or call me at Arkansas Baptist College at 501-244-0717 or 501-374-7856.

Emeral Crosby Challenge Fund
Dr. Emeral Crosby of Detroit Michigan was a native Arkansan and a 1952 graduate of Arkansas Baptist College. He received a Master’s Degree and a Doctorate in Education Administration from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. He was named one of America’s Top 100 educators, served as past president of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, and Chairman of the Commission on Excellence in Education, who published “A Nation at Risk”. In 2007, Dr. Crosby received an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Arkansas Baptist College. He set up scholarships at ABC in honor of his children after he graduated. In September of 2007, he presented the largest check of any graduate in the amount of $200,000.00 to help restore the Old Main Building on campus. Dr. Crosby passed away March, 2009, but his memory will live on forever.

In honor of Dr. Crosby’s gift, we are challenging each graduate to give an annual contribution of $1,000.00 towards beautification and maintenance, equipment for the classrooms, chapel and other needs. Special thanks to everyone for your previous contributions of $1,000.00.  Money can be sent to Arkansas Baptist College, Crosby Challenge Foundation, and P. O. Box 242684, Little Rock, AR 72223.

Crosby Challenge Levels of Giving
o $1,000.00   – $2,000.00
o $ 500.00     – $ 900.00
o $ 250-00     – $ 500.00

o Other Donations: $_____

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